b'of marketing goods and servicescommunications tool. TopicsMMT 2213 - Principles of and methods of distribution fromincluded are product andManagement producer to consumer. Topicsconsumer analysis, media include types, functions, andselection, and creation ofCredit(s): 3 practices of wholesalers andadvertisements. (3,2,2) retailers and efficient techniques in the development andStudy of the basic principles and MMT 1413 - Merchandisingfunctions of organizational expansion of markets. (3, 3, 0)Mathmanagement with special emphasis on planning, MMT 1123 - MarketingCredit(s): 3organizing, leading, and Managementcontrolling. (3,3,0). Study of the mathematical Credit(s): 3calculations involved in basicMMT 2233 - Human business operations.Resource Management A project-based course as aFundamental principles and continuation of MMT 1113.operations in buying, pricing,Credit(s): 3 Prerequisite: MMT 1113. (3,2,2)and inventory control. (3,3,0) The study of the objectives, MMT 1223 - ConsumerMMT 1753 - Marketingorganizational structure, and BehaviorSeminarfunctions of human resource management. Emphasis is Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3placed on selection and placement, job evaluation, This course introduces theDevelops leadership skills andtraining, education, safety, fundamentals of consumerhuman-relations skills necessaryhealth, employer-employee behavior patterns andfor success in the field ofrelationships, and employee motivations of the buyingmarketing management. Specialservices. (3,2,2) process and their relationship inprograms and activities will the marketplace. Consumeraddress topics directly related toMMT 2243 - Marketing Case behavior is the study ofmarketing careers and careerStudies individuals, groups, ordevelopment. Emphasis will be organizations and the processesplaced on developing civic,Credit(s): 3 they use to select, secure, use,social, and business and dispose of products,responsibilities. (3,2,4) services, experiences, or ideasThe study of effective marketing to satisfy the needs and themanagement decision making MMT 2113 - Internetthrough case study analysis. impacts that these processesConcepts(3,2,2) have on the consumer and society. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3MMT 2313 - E-Commerce MMT 1313 - SellingMarketing Provides an inclusive review and understanding of the Internet Credit(s): 3focusing on creating web pagesCredit(s): 3 through various software Basic principles and techniquespackages and exploration of e- This course introduces the of professional sales and theircommerce concepts.(3,2,2)fundamental opportunities and practical application. Topicschallenges associated with e-include basic elements ofcommerce activities. Topics consumer behavior, developingMMT 2133 - Softwareinclude designing the user selling, strategies, closing andEssentials for E-Businessinterface, Web security, servicing a sale, and developingelectronic payment systems, consumer relations. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3promotion, legal issues, and social media opportunities Introductory course for businessinvolved in creating a functioning MMT 1323 - Advertisingonline business presence. computer graphics. Students will learn how to create and enhance(3,3,0) Credit(s): 3digital images for business purposes.(3,3,0)MMT 2323 - Internet The role of advertising as anMarketing integrated marketing 366'