b"Credit(s): 4Prerequisite: Consent ofCredit(s): 3 instructor. (3,2,2) This course covers use ofInstruction and practice in the programmable logic controllersEngineering (EGR)installation of commercial (PLCs) in modern industrialelectrical services including the settings as well as the operatingtypes of conduit and other principles of PLCs and practiceEGR 2413 - Engineeringraceways, National Electrical in the programming, installation,Mechanics ICoderequirements, and three-and maintenance of PLCs.phase distribution networks. (4,2,4)Prerequisites:ELT 1233. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3EET 2414 - ElectronicA lecture course covering theELT 1133 - Applications of Communicationsequilibrium of point objects andthe National Electrical Code extended objects in two and Credit(s): 4three dimensions using vectorCredit(s): 3 algebra. Also discussed are This course is designed todistributed forces, structures,The course is designed to place provide the student withfriction, and moments of inertiaemphasis on developing the concepts and skills related toin two and three dimensions.student's ability to locate, analog and digitalPrerequisite: C or Higher in bothinterpret and properly apply communications. Topics coveredMAT 1623 and PHY 2514.information in the National include amplitude and frequency(3,3,0)Electrical Code in real-world modulation, transmission, andapplications. (3,2,2) reception; data transmissionEGR 2433 - Engineering formats and codes; andMechanics IIELT 1143 - AC and DC modulation demodulation ofCircuits for Electrical digital communications. Prerequisite: EET 1334. (4,2,4)Credit(s): 3TechnologyA lecture course that coversCredit(s): 3 EET 2423 - Fundamentals ofkinematics of particles and rigid Fiber Opticsbodies, kinetics of particles and rigid bodies using force-massPrinciples and theories associated with AC and DC Credit(s): 3acceleration, energy, andcircuits used in the electrical momentum methods.trades. Includes the study of Fiber-optic cable in modernPrerequisites: EGR 2413 andelectrical circuits, laws, and industry applications.credit or enrollment in MATformulas, and the use of test Corequisite: EET 2334. (3,2,2)2613, Calculus III. (3,3,0)equipment to analyze AC and DC circuits. (3,1,4). EET 2514 - InterfacingElectrical Technology Techniques(ELT)ELT 1183 - Industrial Wiring Credit(s): 4ELT 1113 - ResidentialCredit(s): 3 Wiring Data acquisition devices andThis course includes instruction systems including their interfaceand practice in the installation of to microprocessors and otherCredit(s): 3industrial electrical services control systems. (4,2,4)including the types of conduit Advanced skills related to theand other raceways, National wiring of single and multifamilyElectrical Coderequirements, EET 2913 - Special Projectbuildings. Includes instruction and three-phase distribution and practice in service-entrancenetworks. Prerequisite: ELT Credit(s): 3installation, National Electrical1113 (3,2,2)Coderequirements, andPractical application of skills andspecialized circuits. knowledge gained in otherPrerequisite:ELT 1123 (3,2,2) technical courses. The instructorELT 1193 - Fundamentals of works closely with the student toELT 1123 - CommercialElectricity ensure that the selection of aWiring project will enhance the student's learning experience. 334"