b'principles of public health,ENG 0131 - English andCredit(s): 3 integration of leadership, andReading Lab 3 emerging roles in EMS.It willThis course is a continuation of also serve as a comprehensiveCredit(s): 1English Composition I with review of the program.Thisemphasis on research, course will provide the studentargumentation, and composition. with a final opportunity toOpportunity to provideReadings, essays, and a incorporate their cognitivesupplementalresearch paper are required. knowledge and psychomotorinstruction/practice/support in aENG 1113 is a prerequisite to skills through cumulativestructures lab environment.ENG 1123. (3,3,0) practical skill evaluations and a(1,0,2) comprehensive FinalENG 1123H - Honors English Examination.(4, 2, 4)ENG 1033 - TechnicalComposition II English English (ENG)Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 ENG 0111 - English andCourse builds upon the skills This course is designedacquired in first semester Reading Lab 1specifically for Career Tech composition. Special attention is students who are pursuing thegiven to critical reading of Credit(s): 1A.A.S. or A.A.S.O.E. degree. Inselections from various literary this course, students will focusgenres, written analysis based Opportunity to provideon appropriate writing forupon the selections, using the supplementalbusiness and industry and willlibrary, and documented instruction/practice/support in aproduce technical documents,research writing. Enrollment by structures lab environment.which may include resumes,invitation. (3,3,0) (1,0,2)letters, emails, memos/reports, proposals, multimedia presentations, and other relatedENG 2133 - Creative Writing ENG 0114 - Beginningdocuments.(3,3,0)I English and Reading ENG 1113 - EnglishCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4Composition I ENG 2133 involves reading and This integrated course iswriting poetry, short fiction, designed to develop basicCredit(s): 3and/or other genres. writing skills and readingPrerequisite:ENG 1123H or strategies. (4,4,0)This course prepares the studentENG 1123. (3,3,0) to think critically and compose ENG 0121 - English andtexts for academic and professional rhetorical situations.ENG 2143 - Creative Writing Reading Lab 2Prerequisite: ACT English 17 orII higher or Equivalent Credit(s): 1ACCUPLACER score in writingCredit(s): 3 or successful completion of ENG Opportunity to provide0124. (3,3,0)ENG 2143 involves reading and supplementalwriting poetry, short fiction, instruction/practice/support in aENG 1114 - English Comp Iand/or other genres. (3,3,0) structures lab environment. (1,0,2) Credit(s): 4ENG 2153 - Traditional ENG 0124 - IntermediateGrammar This course prepares the student English and Readingto think critically and compose texts for academic andCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4professional rhetorical situations. (4,3,2)This course focuses on the basic elements of English grammar This integrated course isand mechanics. Prerequisite: designed to advance students toENG 1123 - EnglishENG 1123 or ENG college-level writing skills andComposition II1123H. (3,3,0) reading strategies. (4,4,0) 338'