b'successful unaided bloodCredit(s): 3discussions led by scholars, collections includingfaculty, and/or students. (1,1,0) venipuncture and skinThis is a general survey of world punctures. This course meetshistory since the 1500s. (3,3,0)HON 1921 - Honors Forum II the eligibility requirements for the National Credentials ofHIS 2213 - American (U.S.) Phlebotomy Technician (NCPT).Credit(s): 1 (2 sch: 2-hr. lab, 3-hr. clinical)History I Admission is by invitation only. HCA 1214 - Body StructureCredit(s): 3Interdisciplinary studies of selected issues confronting the and FunctionThis is a survey of Americanindividual and society with (US) history to 1877. (3,3,0)discussions led by scholars, Credit(s): 4faculty, and/or students. (1,1,0) HIS 2223 - American (U.S.) This course includes study of theHistory IIHON 2911 - Honors Forum III structure, function, common disorders, and normal aging-related changes of theCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 1 integumentary, musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory, respiratory,This is a survey of AmericanAdmission is by invitation only. digestive, urinary, reproductive,(U.S.) history since 1865. (3,3,0)Interdisciplinary studies of endocrine, and sensory systems;selected issues confronting the stages of human growth andindividual and society with Health Informationdiscussions led by scholars, development; and nutritional needs through the life cycle.Technology (HIT)faculty, and/or students. (1,1,0) Corequisite: HCA 1116 (4 sch: 3-hr lecture, 2-hr lab)Offered fall semester 2016HON 2921 - Honors Forum semester following stateIV HCA 1312 - Home Healthapproval from Aide and HomemakerCredit(s): 1 ServicesThe Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB)Admission is by invitation only. Credit(s): 2Interdisciplinary studies of HIT 1213 - Medicalselected issues confronting the This course includes basicTerminologyindividual and society with knowledge and skills required todiscussions led by scholars, care for the homebound clientCredit(s): 3faculty, and/or students. (1,1,0) and basic knowledge and skills required to provide homemakerThis course is a study of medicalHealth, Physical services. Pre/Corequisite: Alllanguage relating to the variousEducation, Recreation core courses (2sch: 1-hr lecture,body systems including 2-hr lab) diseases, procedures, clinical(HPR)specialties, and abbreviations. In addition to term definitions,NOTE: Every student in an History (HIS)emphasis is placed on correctAssociate of Arts Program is spelling and pronunciation.required to take two hours of (3,3,0)physical education. Students HIS 1163 - Worldmay, however, take additional Civilizations IHonors (HON)semester hours of physical education as elective credit and Credit(s): 3are encouraged to do so. HON 1911 - Honors Forum IStudents unable to take physical This is a general survey of worldeducation courses may request history from ancient times to theCredit(s): 1a substitute. All students must 1500s. (3,3,0)wear appropriate dress for Admission is by invitation only.physical education classes. Interdisciplinary studies ofPhysical education activity HIS 1173 - Worldcourses will earn one semester Civilizations IIselected issues confronting thehour with academic credit. HPR individual and society with 1213 and HPR 1593 will satisfy 342'