b'video games. The suggestedIMT 2613 - Audio Design andCredit(s): 3 engines are Unreal and/or Unity.Production for Animation and (3,2,2)SimulationThis course is designed to aid students in creating a functional IMT 2153 - 2D Charactersimulation or game with minimal Credit(s): 3aid from the instructor. Students Animation Designwill also be instructed on the This course covers the functionscreation and presentation of a Credit(s): 3of audio design fundamentals,simulation and game interactive audio, and thedevelopment portfolio. (2,1,2) In this course, students willfundamentals of 3-D audio in explore in-depth advancedorder to blend video game audio techniques for creating qualityelements. (3,2,2)IMT 2783 - Audio for 2D animation. This course isSimulation and Games designed to teach advancedIMT 2733 - Integrated 3D application of 2D techniques thatProduction PipelineCredit(s): 3 build upon the basics learned in IMT 1114 Introduction toThis course provides an Animation and Simulation.Credit(s): 3introduction to the various Students will create their ownaspects of audio and its characters, storyboards, andIn this course, students will workapplication in simulations and final animation of a short piecein teams to plan and produce agame development. Students utilizing digital animationcomprehensive project thatwill learn how to produce and software. (Suggested Software:integrates knowledge and skillsedit audio for simulations and Moho Pro, Adobe Animate).from across the curriculum.games. (3,2,2) Prerequisite: IMT 1114. (3,2,2)Project will be student-originated; dependent upon instructor approval. (3,2,2)Information Systems IMT 2413 - Animation &Technology (IST) Simulation Design CapstoneIMT 2753 - Lighting and ShadingIST 1113 - Fundamentals of Credit(s): 3 Information Technology This capstone class is theCredit(s): 3 culmination of lessons learned inCredit(s): 3 previous and present coursesThis course is designed to leading to the creation of finalintroduce students to lightingThis course introduces projects for a professional digitaland shading algorithms used inmicrocomputer operations, word portfolio. The student willsimulation and gameprocessing, spreadsheets, originate and/or revise adevelopment. Students willdatabase management, minimum of two projects andutilize various tools to createpresentation, and online create a "sizzle reel" videolight and shadows. (3,2,2)applications. It is designed for utilizing the standard process ofstudents with limited computer pre-production planning,IMT 2763 - Introduction toproficiency and is to be taken by production, revision, and finalExtended Reality (XR)those students in addition to the publication. (3,1,4)Content Productioncourses listed in the course sequence. (3,2,2) IMT 2513 - Game EvaluationCredit(s): 3 IST 1124 - IT Foundations Credit(s): 3This course is designed to introduce students to extendedCredit(s): 4 In this course, students willreality (XR) using AR/VR/MR explore and understand videoexperience and creation tools,This course covers the game architecture throughwhile researching the benefitsdiagnosis, troubleshooting, and testing, defect tracking, technicaland roles within the industry.maintenance of computer reviews, inspections and will(3,2,2)components and interpersonal also critically evaluate gamecommunications for IT design, character development,IMT 2773 - Simulation andprofessionals. Topics include character animation, soundGame Projecthardware compatibility, system design, playability, andarchitecture, memory, input compatibility. (3,3,0)devices, video displays, disk 352'