b'Maritime Technology Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, in partnership with Ingalls Apprentice School, works to meet the training needs of apprentices as outlined by the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeships. A person who has completed an approved apprenticeship program may receive 30 semester hours toward an Apprentice Associate of Applied Science degree in Maritime Technology. The Ingalls Apprentice School programs are administered in the Hayley Reeves Barbour Maritime Training Academy located at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula. These programs are recognized as the backbone of a well-trained workforce. Therefore, every effort is made to provide each apprentice with opportunities to learn all the phases of a selected craft. This is done by job-rotation, a system that allows the apprentice to perform in the various job assignments within the particular craft. Training at the Ingalls Apprentice School is designed to provide an opportunity for men and women to master one of the many crafts of shipbuilding. The regular indentured apprentice programs consist of well-balanced curriculum of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction. Following successful completion of the program, the apprentice is promoted to the status of journeyman. Maritime Technology: Pipe Insulation Apprentice Semester One MTA 1113 - Occupational Math Credit(s): 3MTA 1153 - Introduction to Shipbuilding and Blueprint Reading Credit(s): 3MTA 1633 - Project Management Credit(s): 3MTA 1684 - Introduction to Insulation Credit(s): 4MTA 2643 - Naval Architecture and Ship Structures for Maritime Credit(s): 3Semester Two MTA 1005 - Supervised Work Experience Credit(s): 5MTA 1623 - Metal Lagging Credit(s): 3MTA 1743 - Fundamentals of Drafting for Maritime Credit(s): 3PPT 1513 - Safety Health and Environment Credit(s): 3Total Credits: 30 Maritime Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree Semester Three MTA 1423 - Fundamentals of Logistics Credit(s): 3MTA 1443 - Material Management Credit(s): 3MTA 1463 - Supply Chain Management Credit(s): 3MTA/CTE/Academic Electives Credit(s): 6*291'