b'Part-Time Out-of-State Tuition$310.00 per credit hour* Summer Full-Time Tuition (12-15 hours)$1550.00* Students enrolled in more than 21 hours for Fall and Spring will be charged an additional $155.00 per credit hour. Students enrolled in more than 15 hours for Summer will be charged an additional $155.00 per credit hour.Other Fees Registration Fee$100.00 Technology Fee$75 Online Fee$15.00 per credit hour Book Service Fee$40.00 per book* Science Lab Fee$25.00 Art Lab Fee$50.00 Career/Technical Program Fees: A PER CREDIT HOUR fee will be charged for career/technical classes based on Program of Study Delinquent Fee$40.00 assessed on any and all balances after the final payment date Other miscellaneous charges may apply according to program of study Dual Credit High School classes$100.00 per class*Tuition and book rental fees are the only refundable fees. All other fees are NON-refundable. Prior to Entering Program Criminal Background Check $65$80 (MGCCC Campus Police)Once Admitted into Program Program Fee $26 Per Credit Hour Pre-admission Physical Exam and Immunizations $200$300 Substance Testing $29$35 per semester Liability Insurance $12$15 per semester Uniform, Lab Coat, Shoes, Accessories $200$300Cost may be subject to change Public Health Technology/Navigator Coursework Public Health Technology/Navigator - The Public Health Technology/Navigator curriculum is a stackable credentialed 2-yr program of study that prepares the graduate to work in jobs with titles such as public health specialist, patient navigator, health insurance navigator, health care advocate, and public health educator.As a certificate, diploma, and/or academic degree program, the Public Health Technology/Navigator concentration is designed to be compatible with a wide range of health systems, state regulations, and health services delivery models that recognize the value that services provide to enhance the public health of patients and communities. Freshman YearCertificateFirst Year - Certificate - Public Health Technology/Navigator First Semester ENG 1113 - English Composition I Credit(s): 3BIO 1514 - Principles of Anatomy and Physiology I (LEC/LAB) Credit(s): 4* 243'