b"with additional materials ofMassage TherapyCredit(s): 3 literary and cultural value.(MGT) Prerequisite: MFL 1113 and MFLThis course develops basic skills 1123 or two years of high schoolin massage therapy for various French. One laboratory hour perMGT 1111 - CPR and Firstmodalities in a laboratory setting. week. (3,3,0)AidEach modality will move into the next progressive phase MFL 2123 - French IVCredit(s): 1enhancing the student's knowledge. (3,0,6)Credit(s): 3This course develops the knowledge and skills necessaryMGT 1244 - Massage MFL 1223 continues MFL 2113to provide emergency care forTherapy II with additional literary andthe injured or ill until appropriate cultural readings andprofessionals take over. (1,1,0)Credit(s): 4 compositions as well as a review of essential elements ofMGT 1214 - Introduction toStudents will develop basic skills grammar. Prerequisite: MFLMassage Therapyin massage therapy. Each 2113. One laboratory hour permodality will move into the next week. (3,3,0)progressive phase enhancing Credit(s): 4the student's knowledge. (4,4,0)MFL 2213 - Spanish IIIThis course teaches the student theories and principles ofMGT 1253 - Massage Credit(s): 3therapeutic massage andTherapy II Lab includes the effects, benefits, MFL 2213 continues MFL 1223indications andCredit(s): 3 with additional materials ofcontraindications, history of literary and culturalmassage therapy, MississippiStudents will develop basic skills value.Prerequisite: MFLlaws and regulations pertainingin massage therapy in a 1213 and MFL 1223 or twoto massage therapist,laboratory setting. Each modality years high school Spanish. Oneeducational and licensingwill move into the next laboratory hour per week. (3,3,0)requirements, professionalprogressive phase enhancing ethics, equipment and products,the student's knowledge. (3,0,6) MFL 2223 - Spanish IVclient evaluations, draping techniques, massage environment, massage therapyMGT 1263 - Massage Credit(s): 3in a health-care system, sanitaryTherapy Clinical Lab II and safety practices, therapist MFL 2223 continues MFL 2213body mechanics, conditioning,Credit(s): 3 with additional literary andstrengthening, flexibility, human cultural readings andrelationship skills, and basicThis course applies the compositions as well as a reviewbusiness and marketing skills.principles and theories of of essential elements of(4,4,0)Introduction to Massage Therapy grammar. Prerequisite: MFLand Massage Therapy I and 2213. One laboratory hour perMGT 1224 - Massagebuilds on the principles and week. (3,3,0)Therapy Itheories taught in Massage Therapy II and is a continuation MFL 2513 - Occupationalof Massage Therapy Clinical Lab SpanishCredit(s): 4I. (3,0,6)This course examines basic Credit(s): 3skills in massage therapy forMGT 1272 - Specialized various modalities. EachModalities I This course is designed to teachmodality will move into the next basic oral communication skillsprogressive phase enhancingCredit(s): 2 for interaction in Spanish in anthe student's knowledge. (4,4,0) occupational setting. SpecializedStudents will be introduced to variations of this course include:MGT 1233 - Massageseveral different traditions of Law Enforcement, Medical andTherapy I Labmassage and bodywork. (2,2,0) Business. (3,3,0) 363"