b'emphasized. Prerequisite:approaches. The role andOTA 1433 - Occupational Instructor Approved. (3,3,0) function of the occupationalTherapy Skills IItherapy assistant (OTA) in the treatment process is alsoCredit(s): 3 OTA 1223 - Pathology ofemphasized. Prerequisite: Physical Disability ConditionsInstructor Approved. (2,2,0) This manipulative courseprovides intermediate practice Credit(s): 3skills used with patients/clients OTA 1314 - Kinesiologyacross the lifespan and with This intake course provides avarious diagnoses. Prerequisite: basic knowledge of selectedCredit(s): 4Instructor Approved. (3,2,2)diseases and conditionsencountered in occupationalThis intake course studies therapy practice. Emphasis is onindividual muscles and muscleOTA 1513 - Group Process etiology, prognosis, andfunctions, biomechanical management of variousprinciples of joint motion, gait pathological physical conditions.patterns, normal movementCredit(s): 3 The role and function of the OTApatterns, and goniometry. in the treatment process is alsoPrerequisite: InstructorThis manipulative course emphasized. Prerequisite:Approved. (4,3,2) introduces theory and research Instructor Approved. (3,0,0)findings explaining groupdynamics. The course teaches the student how to facilitate OTA 1413 - Therapeuticgroup effectiveness and the OTA 1233 - Pathology ofMediaskills to apply that knowledge in Developmental Conditionspractical situations. Methods and Credit(s): 3skills necessary to plan, write, Credit(s): 3lead, and evaluate an This manipulation courseoccupational therapy group will This intake course provides aprovides knowledge and use ofbe taught. The course focuses basic knowledge of selectedtools, equipment, and basicon the importance of group diseases and conditionstechniques of therapeutic media.activity intervention primarily with encountered in occupationalEmphasis is given to analysisthe psychiatric population. therapy practice. Emphasis is onand instruction of activitiesPrerequisite: Instructor etiology, prognosis, andfrequently used as occupationalApproved. (3,2,2)management of varioustherapy media in multiplepathological developmentalcommunity and clinical settings. conditions. The student willPrerequisite: InstructorOTA 1913 - Fieldwork I:A compare and contrast normalApproved. (3,2,2)and abnormal developmental Credit(s): 3 patterns. The role and function of the occupational therapy This course is designed to assistant (OTA) in the treatmentprovide the student with an process is alsoOTA 1423 - Occupationalopportunity to observe and emphasized.Prerequisite:Therapy Skills Iparticipate in clinical fieldwork. Instructor Approved. (3,3,0) The student will also begin todevelop professional work Credit(s): 3 habits. Students are expected to OTA 1242 - Pathology ofThis manipulative coursefunction as participant observers Orthopedic Conditionsprovides fundamental knowledgein the assigned clinical setting. of practice skills used withPrerequisite: Instructor Credit(s): 2patients/clients across the lifeApproved. (3,1,0,6)span and with variousThis intake course provides adiagnoses. Observation and basic knowledge of selecteddocumentation techniques willOTA 2443 - Occupational orthopedic conditionsbe introduced. Prerequisite:Therapy Skills III encountered in occupationalInstructor Approved. (3,2,2)therapy practice. Emphasis is Credit(s): 3 placed upon mechanisms of pathology and basic treatmentThis manipulative course 383'