b"Campus Safety:B. Layton, Chair; E. Baptiste; J. Beverly; C. Handy; B. Ghosal; E. Neel; D. Calcote; T. Robertson; J. Seals; J. Shows; S. Campbell Christmas: B. Layton, Chair; T. Robertson, Alt. Chair; K. Taylor, Alt. Chair; J. Beverly; B. Ghosal; S. Fore; B. Ring; J. Rouchon; J. Seals; S. Smith; C. Upton; H. Warren Conduct:B. St. Cyr, Chair; J. Shows; Alt. Chair; D. Acres; J. Shows; S. Williams, Alt; L. McCarroll, Alt.; L. McDonald, Alt; S. Nix, Alt; L. McIlrath, Alt; J. Pittman, Alt; C. Upton, Alt; C. Woodhouse, Alt; T. Ritchey, Alt. Graduation Task Force: J. Beverly, Chair; B. Layton; M. Barger; A. Butler; S. Campbell; J. Gallup; R. Lyons; P. Rainey; V. Ritchie; J. Ross; C. Upton; C. Watts Hospitality: J. Seals, Chair; L. McDonald; M. Keen; A. Glynn; B. Miller; S. Fore; A. Morrissette; T. Naramore; K. Taylor Housing: J. Beverly, Chair; M. Barger; H. Dearman; B. Layton; B. Ghosal; T. Robertson; R. Wilson Instructional Affairs: B. Ghosal, Chair; and school chairpersons Learning Resources: V. Ritchie, Chair; D. Bush; V. Hill; S. Williams; Student Recruitment/Retention: J. Beverly, Chair; M. Barger; A. Butler; B. St.Cyr; B. Layton; H. Dearman; S. Fore; J. Gallup; B. Ghosal; Vacant (GCC); W. Overstreet; P. Rainey; T. Robertson; C. Upton Salvage: R. Wall, Chair; S. Campbell; C. Upton Scholarship: J. Beverly, Chair; B. Ghosal; Vacant (GCC); H. Dearman; S. Campbell School Chairpersons Business, Law, Hospitality, and CulinaryAngela Bulter Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science, & ITDr. Jason Ross Human Sciences and EducationDylan Acres Language ArtsRobin Lyons Manufacturing, Maritime, and TransportationJefferson Reid Science and KinesiologyDr. Tracy Moore Visual and Performing ArtsBrandon Ring Honors CollegeDr. Bill Lipscomb Vice President's Committee Jason ShowsElected2020-23 Stacy PeytonAppointed2020-23 Heath WarrenAppointed2020-23 Dawn Richardson (GCC)Appointed2020-23 Latrice McDonaldAppointed2020-23 Thomas SnellAppointed2019-22 Angela ButlerElected2019-22 Trey RobertsonAppointed2018-21 Dr. Valerie Cleckler (GCC)Appointed2018-21 Sandra CassibryElected2018-21 406"