b'editors, HTML editors,Credit(s): 3network security principles, animation/multimedia products,implementations, and the and photo editors.This course is the first of a two- concepts, models, and Prerequisites:IST 1433. (4,2,4)part series that offers studentstechnologies involved in creating an extensive introduction to dataa secure network environment. IST 1433 - Web Developmentserver technology, covering theTopics include, but are not Using HTML & CSSconcepts of both relational andlimited to, authentication, types object relational databases andof attacks and malicious code, the structured query languageand best practices for securing a Credit(s): 3(SQL).Students are taught tonetwork environment. retrieve data and producePrerequisites: IST 1134, IST This course involves thereadable output.(3,2,2)1143 (4,2,4) application of various professional and personal WebIST 1534 - DatabaseIST 1633 - Wireless Security design techniques. Students willArchitecture andand Privacy work with the latest WYSIWYG editors, HTML editors,Administration animation/multimedia products,Credit(s): 3 and photo editors.(3,2,2)Credit(s): 4 This course provides the IST 1453 - Principles ofThis course is the first of a two- fundamental understanding of Mobile App Developmentpart series designed to givewireless architecture, security students a firm foundation inprinciples, and the technologies basic database tasks enablingand principles involved in Credit(s): 3them to install, create, andcreating a secure wireless maintain a database. Studentcomputer network environment. This course is the first course inwill learn how to create anTopics include wireless a sequence of courses utilizingoperational database andhardware, protocols, encryption, the Swift programmingproperly manage the variousand how to prevent weaknesses language.The emergence of astructures. Prerequisites: ISTin wireless technology. new generation of highly- 1513. (4,3,2)Prerequisites: IST 1134 and IST capable devices and platforms1624. (3,2,2) has opened up opportunities forIST 1613 - Computer application developers.MobileIST 1714 - Java development differs fromForensics conventional desktopProgramming Language development in that mobileCredit(s): 3 devices operate in a constrainedCredit(s): 4 world with smaller screens,This course is an introduction to slower network connections, asthe various technical andThis introduction to the Java well as limited memory andadministrative aspects ofProgramming Language is to processing power.(3,2,2)computer forensics and lawsinclude sort, loops, arrays, and pertaining to cybercrime. Thisapplets. (4,2,4) IST 1484 - Fundamentals ofcourse provides the foundation Virtualizationfor understanding the key issuesIST 1723 - Programming in associated with computerPython forensic investigations, Credit(s): 4understanding the boot processes and disk structure forCredit(s): 3 This course presents basicmultiple operating systems, and concepts of operating-systemunderstanding the processesThis course is designed to virtualization, serverrelated to data acquisition duringprovide an introduction to virtualization, cloning, teams,investigations. (3,2,2).programming concepts and data and virtualinformatics using Python through networks.Prerequisite:ISTIST 1624 - Network Securitylecture and a series of practical 1124 and IST 1134. (4,3,2)hands-on exercises. (3,2,2) Fundamentals IST 1513 - SQLIST 1733 - Data Analysis ProgrammingCredit(s): 4Using ExcelThis course provides the fundamental understanding of 354'