b'SOC 2113 - Introduction toSPT 1131 - Forensics Iproductions. Required for theatre Sociologymajors. (1,1,0) Credit(s): 1 Credit(s): 3SPT 1251 - Drama Forensics in an activity courseProduction II This course introduces thewhich includes: public speaking, scientific study of human societyoral interpretation and debate.Credit(s): 1 and social interaction andStudents participate in examines social forces onintercollegiate or communityParticipation in college drama. individuals and groups. (3,3,0)forensic contests and debateRequired for theatre majors. tournaments. (1,1,0)(1,1,0) SOC 2133 - Social Problems SPT 1141 - Forensics IISPT 1273 - Theatrical Credit(s): 3Makeup Credit(s): 1 This course is a study of the theoretical analysis, nature,A continuation of SPT 1131.Credit(s): 3 scope, and effects of(1,1,0) contemporary social problemsTechniques in the application of and policy measures used tomakeup for the stage. (3,3,0) SPT 1153 - Voice, Diction address them. (3,3,0)and Phonetics SPT 2111 - Forensics III SOC 2143 - Marriage andCredit(s): 3 FamilyCredit(s): 1 A study of the International Credit(s): 3Phonetic Alphabet and trainingA continuation of SPT 1141. in the phonetic transcription of(1,1,0) A study of the development ofspeech for improvement of voice marriage and family as socialand diction. Includes physicalSPT 2143 - Oral institutions within society. (3,3,0)characteristics and production ofInterpretation sounds in American English, Speech and Theatreauditory training, articulation andCredit(s): 3 standard pronunciations, and (SPT)voice production. (3,3,0)Training is given in the techniques of oral interpretative SPT 1113 - Public Speaking ISPT 1223 - Movement for thepresentation, its theories and Actorpractices. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3SPT 2173 - Interpersonal Study and practice in makingCommunication speeches for a variety of publicTechnique for stage movement forums. Major emphasis isfor the actor.(3,3,0)Credit(s): 3 placed on effective speech preparation and delivery.SPT 1233 - Acting ITheory and analysis of dyadic Prerequisite or Corequisite: ENGrelationships (one-on-one 1033 or ENG 1113. (3,3,0)interactions). The course Credit(s): 3explores topics such asSPT 1123 - Public SpeakingAn introduction to the basicperception, listening, conflict IItechniques of acting for themanagement, relationship stage.(3,3,0)building and maintenance, and Credit(s): 3relational power. (3,3,0) SPT 1241 - Drama A continuation in the study ofProduction ISPT 2223 - Stagecraft public speaking with an emphasis on research,Credit(s): 3 organization and deliveryCredit(s): 1 techniques. (3,3,0)Implementation and application Participation in college dramaof all technical elements of 395'