b'Harrison County 19Stone County . 19Jackson County . 19George County 19Board of Trustees . 20Harrison County 20Stone County . 20Jackson County . 20George County 20Admissions . 21 Academic and Technical Programs 21First-Time College Students 21Transfer Students . 21Transient Students 22Non-Degree Students . 22MIBEST. 23Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit High School Students 23Collegiate Academy 23Out-of-State Students . 24Determining Residency for Tuition Purposes 24International Students . 26SEVIS Fee Notice . 28Senior Citizens 28Denial of Admission 28Disability Services 28Procedures and Responsibilities . 28Financial Information 30 Summary of Per Semester Expenses . 30Student Deferred Fees Payment Schedule 31Summary of Expenses of Non-Credit Skill Training Courses 31Explanation of Fees 31Miscellaneous Fees 32Refund Policy . 34Tuition and Fees Refund Policy: . 34Exceptions to the Above . 34Financial Aid . 35Grant Programs 35Federal Pell Grant . 352'