b"MAT 1623 - Calculus IIequivalent ACCUPLACERMAT 2913 - Differential score.(3,3,0)Equations Credit(s): 3 MAT 2113 - Introduction toCredit(s): 3 This course includes theLinear Algebra following topics: the definiteThis course includes the integral; differentiation andCredit(s): 3following topics: solution of first integration of transcendentaland higher order differential functions; techniques ofThis course includes theequations; existence theorems; integration; applications.following topics: systems ofLaplace transforms; applications. Prerequisite: MAT 1613 (3,3,0)linear equations; matrices;Prerequisite: MAT 2623 or determinants; vector spaces;enrollment in MAT 2623. (3,3,0) MAT 1723 - The Realorthogonality; linear Number Systemtransformations; applications;Mechanical eigenvalues and eigenvectors.Maintenance Credit(s): 3Prerequisite:MAT 1623 (3,3,0)Technology (MEC)Designed for elementary andMAT 2323 - Statistics special education majors, thisMEC 1113 - Mechanical course includes set theory,Credit(s): 3Maintenance I numeration systems, foundations of number theory,Introduction to statisticalCredit(s): 3 and properties and operations ofmethods of describing, real numbers. Corequisite: MATsummarizing, comparing, andThis course provides an 1313. (3,3,0)interpreting data to includeorientation to the Millwright probability distributions,trade, introduces hand tools, MAT 1733 - Geometry,sampling, estimation, confidencefastener and anchors to include Measurement, andintervals, and hypothesis testing.basic layout, gaskets and O'rings ProbabilityPrerequisite: MAT 1313 (3,3,0)and orientation to Oxy Fuel cutting. Prerequisite: CTE MAT 2613 - Calculus III1143 (3,1,4). Credit(s): 3Designed for elementary andCredit(s): 3MEC 1115 - Mechanical special education majors, thisMaintenance V course includes geometricThis course includes the definitions, shapes, andfollowing topics: analyticalCredit(s): 5 formulas; linear and angulargeometry; parametric equations; measurements; unitpolar coordinates; improperThis course provides instruction conversions, statistics andintegrals, infinite series; vectorson troubleshooting and repair of probability. Prerequisite: MATand geometry of space. Pre- conveyors, pumps, 1313 or MAT 1314. (3,3,0)requisite: MAT 1613 and MATcompressors, hydraulics, 1623 (3,3,0)pneumatic and gearboxes. MAT 1753 - QuantitativePrerequisite: MEC 1133 (5,1,8) ReasoningMAT 2623 - Calculus IV MEC 1116 - Mechanical Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Maintenance IIThis course is designed forThis course includes theCredit(s): 6 students who need only threefollowing topics: partial hours of unspecifieddifferentiation; optimization;This course provides instruction mathematics.Includes basicmultiple integration; vectoron Trade Math, Field sketching, mathematical concepts fromcalculus; quadric surfaces andBlue Print Reading Millwright logic, algebra, set theory,line integrals; divergencespecialty and power tools, probability, descriptive statistics,theorem; Stokes'rigging, setting baseplates, andTheorem.Prerequisites: MATlubrication and Intro to bearings. finance.Prerequisite:Successf 2613. (3,3,0)Prerequisite: MEC 1113 (6,2,8) ul completion of MAT 1233 or ACT Math 19 or higher or 360"