b'Credit(s): 2Credit(s): 1MUS 1224 - Music Theory II, Lecture/Lab Designed to explore variedA course for select singers levels of literature and developfocused on performing from oneCredit(s): 4 the students knowledge ofor more genres of music. (1,1,0)performance technique in smallensembles and auxiliary groups.Continued study and review of (2,2,0)functional harmony through MUO 2251 - Select Voiceanalysis, part-Ensemble IVwriting.Development of music MUO 2171 - Large Jazzsight-singing, ear training and Ensemble IIICredit(s): 1dictation skills.Lab Instruction.Prerequisite: MUS Credit(s): 1A course for select singers1214 (4,3,2) focused on performing from one A course designed to giveor more genres of music. (1,1,0) MUS 1811 - Music Theatre students the opportunity to Workshop I perform jazz and a variety of music styles in a "big band"Music (MUS)Credit(s): 1 setting or similar instrumentation. Instructor permission required. (1,1,0) MUS 1113 - MusicThe workshop is designed toAppreciationintroduce and engage students in all facets of music theatre. One performance will be given MUO 2181 - Large JazzCredit(s): 3each semester. Open to music Ensemble IVmajors and non-music majors. A course designed to give the(1,1,0) Credit(s): 1student, thorough listening and written work, the ability toMUS 1821 - Music Theatre A course designed to giveunderstand, appreciate, andWorkshop II students the opportunity toevaluate music of Western perform jazz and a variety ofCulture. (3,3,0) music styles in a "big band"Credit(s): 1 setting or similarMUS 1133 - Fundamentals of instrumentation. InstructorMusicThe workshop is designed to permission required. (1,1,0) introduce and engage studentsin all facets of music theatre. Credit(s): 3One performance will be given each semester. Open to music MUO 2211 - Choir IIIStudy of basic knowledge ofmajors and non-music majors. music fundamentals to prepare(1,1,0) Credit(s): 1students for music theory. Concepts include: notation,MUS 1910 - Recital Class I A course for music majors andscales, keys, rhythm, intervals, non-majors focused ontriads, and their inversions. performing choral music from a(3,3,0)Credit(s): 0 variety of style periods. (1,1,0) Performances of solo and MUS 1214 - Music Theory I,ensemble literature by students MUO 2221 - Choir IVLecture/Labmajoring in music. Attendance at a prescribed minimum number of Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 4departmentally approved musical performances per A course for music majors andStudy of functional harmonysemester also required. non-majors focused onthrough analysis and part-performing choral music from awriting. Lab instruction.MUS 1920 - Recital Class II variety of style periods. (1,1,0)Development of music sight-singing, ear training and dictation skills. (4,3,2)Credit(s): 0 MUO 2241 - Select Voice Ensemble IIIPerformances of solo and ensemble literature by students 379'