b"BOT 1613 - Medicalmaking. Prerequisite:BOTThis course applies basic Terminology I1313 (3,2,2)accounting principles using QuickBooks. Prerequisite: ACC Credit(s): 3BOT 1853 - Microsoft2213 or BOT 1433 (3,2,2) Excel II This course is an introduction toBOT 2463 - Payroll medical language relating to theCredit(s): 3Accounting various body systems including human anatomy and physiology,This course is a continuation ofCredit(s): 3 diseases/pathology, physicalMicrosoft Excel I and focuses conditions, procedures, clinicalon advanced functions andThis course provides an in-depth specialties, and abbreviations.applications of the software.study of payroll accounting. Emphasis is placed on correctPrerequisite:BOT 1823 (3,2,2)Prerequisite: BOT 1433 or ACC spelling and pronunciation.2213. (3,2,2) (3,2,2) BOT 2233 - Human Resource ManagementBOT 2473 - Cost Accounting BOT 1623 - Medical Terminology II Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3This course provides a generalThis course provides an in-depth overview of the concepts andstudy of cost accounting for This course is a continuation ofapplications of the many parts ofmanufacturing businesses. Medical Terminology I (BOTHuman Resources (HR).Prerequisite: ACC 2213 or BOT 1613), which includes medicalStudents will learn how the1433. (3,2,2) language relating to the variousinterdependence of the major body systems including humantopics in HR are created andBOT 2523 - Medical Machine anatomy and physiology,implemented through the use of diseases/pathology, physicalTranscription I real world HR issues, community conditions, procedures, clinicalprojects, and case studies. specialties, and abbreviations.(3,3,0)Credit(s): 3 Emphasis is placed on correct spelling and pronunciation.This course is designed to teach Prerequisite: BOT 1613 or byBOT 2333 - Microsofttranscription of various medical consent of the instructor. (3,2,2)Accessdocuments. Prerequisite:Instructor BOT 1713 - Mechanics ofCredit(s): 3Approved. (3,2,2) Communication This course applies databaseBOT 2533 - Medical Machine Credit(s): 3concepts for designing andTranscription II manipulating data files and formatting output as complex This course is designed todocuments and reports usingCredit(s): 3 develop the basic EnglishMicrosoft Access. (3,2,2) competencies necessary forThis course is designed to success in the business world. Acontinue teaching transcription study of the parts of speech,BOT 2423 - Income Taxof various medical documents sentence structure, sentenceAccountingincluding dictation given by types, capitalization,doctors with foreign accents and punctuation, and spelling isCredit(s): 3additional medical specialties. emphasized. (3,3,0)Prerequisite:BOT 2523. (3,1,4) This course introduces tax BOT 1823 - Microsoftaccounting including federalBOT 2543 - Medical Machine Excel Iincome tax laws and reportTranscription III preparation. Prerequisite: BOT 1433 or ACC 2213. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3This course focuses onBOT 2433 - QuickBooksThis course is designed to application Microsoft Excel ascontinue the development of the an aid to management decisionCredit(s): 3student's transcription skills including longer and more 316"