b'Student ServicesOur Student Services staff embodies the college\'s mission: making a positive difference. We are dedicated to giving you the highest quality experience at MGCCC.We are here to help you when you need it, so do not hesitate to come to us with a problem or suggestion. Student Services is an administrative, service-oriented unit within MGCCC. Student Services provides activities and programs designed to enhance a student\'s college experience. Eight of the most important functions are outlined below: 1.Advisement: MGCCC conducts a comprehensive advisement system to aid students in selecting an educational pathway, exploring educational goals, selecting courses and scheduling classes. An important aspect of an effective advisement system is close association between students and the faculty advisor. Periodic scheduled contacts are held during each semester to facilitate the system. Students are advised to check the campus calendar for dates and times of scheduled meetings. 2.Assessment Centers: Campus assessment centers provide a variety of proctored testing services. Some of the services provided by the assessment centers will include proctored testing for on-line courses, entrance exams, certification exams, Credit for College Level Examination Program (CLEP) allowing students to achieve college credits by examinations, PearsonVUE testing, and ACCUPLACER testing used to evaluate competency levels of potential students in specific academic areas. Other services are also available. Students may contact the assessment centers on the appropriate campus with any questions by email.3.Child Care Services: The college operates Early Childhood Education Centers to provide low-cost child care services to full-time students. Facilities are operated at the Jackson County, Harrison County, and Perkinston Campuses. The centers are in full-compliance with the standards and regulations provided through the Mississippi Department of Health, and all staff have degree qualifications as Early Childhood Professionals. Applications are available in the Early Childhood Education Office. 4.Enrollment Service Centers: Enrollment Service Centers provide the student with one location to address all admissions, financial aid and guidance needs. Admissions and financial aid services include assistance with the application process and receipt of documents to complete requirements. Enrollment Specialists provide information concerning educational and career opportunities, orientation to college life, decision-making skills, personal and social development. Evaluation of credit, both Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and transfer, is available upon request by the student. 5.Financial Aid: A number of financial assistance options are available for students from federal, state and local sources. Refer to the "Financial Information" section of this catalog for information about available financial aid opportunities, application procedures and requirements. 6.MGCCC Campus Police: MGCCC Campus Police are staffed by state certified law enforcement officers 24 hours a day. Officers patrol the campus, investigate all crime and assist students, faculty, staff and guests when needed. Student ID\'s and parking decals, and criminal background checks with fingerprinting for the School of Nursing and Health Professions students and faculty are also made in the Campus Police Department. 7.Orientation and Placement Assessment: All entering first time freshmen are required to attend a scheduled orientation program prior to the beginning of the semester. Orientation is a process of welcoming students to the college. Explanations of policies, procedures and programs take place at this time. Since entering freshmen may differ in their academic preparation, the college makes every effort to determine the appropriate level of beginning instruction for each student. The college currently uses the American College Test Assessment (ACT) or ACCUPLACER. After assessment in the areas of English, mathematics and reading, students are placed in courses appropriate with their ability levels and academic background. 8.Veterans Educational Services: Each campus Military Service Center has a Veterans Affairs (V.A.) school certifying official who assists 43'