b"This course focuses onCredit(s): 3HRT 2923 - Supervised Work supervisory skills in leadershipExperience in Travel and styles, communication skills,This course is designed toTourism motivational techniques,provide the knowledge to plan employee training techniques,and implement the marketing and evaluation methods. (3,2,2)and management of specialCredit(s): 3 events and tourism events. (3,3,0)This course is a cooperative HRT 2623 - Hospitalityprogram between industry and Human Resourceeducation and is designed to ManagementHRT 2913 - Supervised Workintegrate the student's technical Experience in Hotel andstudies with industrial Credit(s): 3Restaurant Managementexperience. Variable credit is awarded on the basis of one This course is designed toCredit(s): 3semester hour per 45 industrial explore the principles ofcontact hours. (3,0,12) hospitality human resourceThis course is a cooperative management with an emphasisprogram between industry andHRT 2926 - Supervised Work placed on the study of humaneducation and is designed toExperience in Travel and behavior and human relations inintegrate the student's technicalTourism the hospitality industry. (3,2,2)studies with industrial experience. Variable credit is awarded on the basis of oneCredit(s): 6 HRT 2713 - Marketing Hospitality Servicessemester hour per 45 industrialThis course is a cooperative contact hours. (3,0,9) program between industry and Credit(s): 3education and is designed to HRT 2914 - Supervised Workintegrate the student's technical This course covers theExperience in Baking &studies with industrial application of marketingPastryexperience. Variable credit is methodologies and terms to theawarded on the basis of one hospitality and tourism industry,Credit(s): 4semester hour per 45 industrial the use of sales techniques forcontact hours. (6,0,18). selling to targeted markets, andThis course is a cooperative developing marketing plans forprogram between industry andHumanities (HUM) hospitality and tourismeducation and is designed to operations. (3,2,2)integrate the student's technical studies with industrialHUM 1113 - Humanities I HRT 2843 - Fundamentals inexperience. Variable credit is Travel and Tourismawarded on the basis of oneCredit(s): 3 semester hour per 45 industrial contact hours. (4,0,12)Humanities I provides an Credit(s): 3overview of history's most HRT 2916 - Supervised Workmemorable achievements This course offers an overviewspanning the major world of activities related to travel andExperience in Hotel and tourism including reservationRestaurant Managementcivilizations of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the tasks and services. (3,2,2)Middle East from the Prehistoric Credit(s): 6Era to the Renaissance. A global HRT 2853 - Convention andperspective is presented through Meeting PlanningThis course is a cooperativea survey of history, literature, program between industry andmusic, philosophy, and the education and is designed tovisual arts. NOTE: This course Credit(s): 3integrate the student's technicaldiffers from HON 1913 in that studies with industrialHON 1913 includes a leadership Planning, promotion, andexperience. Variable credit iscomponent. (3,3,0) management of meetings,awarded on the basis of one conventions, expositions, andsemester hour per 45 industrial events. (3,2,2)contact hours. (6,0,18)HUM 1123 - Humanities II HRT 2863 - TourismCredit(s): 3 Planning and Development 347"