b'Academic Calendar Fall Semester 2021 March 31WednesdayFinancial aid priority deadline April 1ThursdayFoundation & Alumni Scholarship Application Priority Deadline August 9-13Monday-FridayOpen Enrollment August 10TuesdayStaff Convocation August 13FridayNew Personnel Orientation August 16MondayFall Faculty Convocation August 17TuesdayCampus Workshops; Residence Hall check-in for students with housing assignments 10:00 a.m.-5:00 pm. August 18WednesdayAdvising/Registration (Notice: This is the final registration for full semester and first-term classes) August 19ThursdayFull term and 1st term face-to-face classes begin August 23MondayMSVCC Online full term classes begin September 6MondayLabor Day holiday (classes that meet on Monday nights only will make-up on Friday, September 10th) September 15Wednesday2021-22 Mississippi State Aid application deadline (MTAG, MESG, etc.) September 20MondayFall 13-week courses start September 29WednesdaySecond payment of total fees due October 1Friday2022-23 Mississippi State Aid application opens (MTAG, MESG, etc.) October 11-12Monday-TuesdayColumbus Day holidays; Night class make up dates will be made up at the discretion of the local dean. (All offices closed; Residence Halls remain open) October 13-15Wednesday-FridayMidterm Exams for full term classes October 14-15Thursday-FridayFinal exams for first term classes. Midterm grades due for full term courses. October 18MondayPriority Registration begins for Spring 2022 (Faculty use scheduled class time to register students; evening class still meets instructional time). Second term face-to-face classes begin (see eLearning calendar for online classes) October 19TuesdayResidence hall room-reclaim begins for Spring 2022 October 29TuesdayFinal payment of total fees due November 1MondayFall 2021 Degree/Diploma application deadline; Spring semester School of Nursing and Health Professions application deadline (Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Health Care Assistant, Practical Nursing and Associates Degree Nursing Programs) Spring 2021 Gala Scholarship Application deadline November 19FridayResidence halls close 3:00 p.m. November 22-26Monday-FridayThanksgiving holidays November 28SundayResidence halls re-open 3:00 p.m. December 9-15Thursday-Wednesday Final examinations for full term courses and second term courses December 14TuesdayResidence halls close 3:00 p.m. December 16ThursdayTentative Graduation - Location TBD December 17FridayBegin Christmas holidays; All offices close at 5:00 p.m. 15'