b'one (1) semester or term while pursuing a degree or certificate without losing resident status only if that student provides sufficient documentation by a physician that the student has a medical condition that requires withdrawal or non-enrollment. For purposes of this subsection, a person is not required to enroll in a summer term to remain continuously enrolled in a degree or certificate program. The person\'s eligibility to pay tuition and fees at the rate provided for Mississippi residents under this subsection does not terminate because the person is no longer a member of the Armed Forces of the United States or the child or spouse of a member of the Armed Forces of the United States. 8.Permanent Residents or "Green Card" Holders. Generally speaking, most persons having permanent resident status ("green card" holders) have the ability to establish a domicile in Mississippi and to qualify as Mississippi residents. 9.Nonimmigrant Visa Holders. Most persons holding nonimmigrant visas, including F-1 student visas, will not be able to demonstrate the requirements for a Mississippi domicile because their visas are temporary in nature and U.S. approval of their visas may have required a determination that the persons intended to return to their country of origin after the purpose of their visas is concluded. This being the case, the person\'s domicile would remain in their country of origin. In addition, Section 37-103-5 provides that a person entering Mississippi to attend an educational institution is and remains a nonresident for tuition purposes. 10.Miscellaneous Provisions. Any student willfully presenting false evidence of residency is deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. MCA 37-103-27. Law is not to be construed as requiring the admission of nonresidents. MCA 37-103-29.MS Driver\'s License or MS State issued ID must be provided prior to enrollment to prove Mississippi residency along with (2) additional documents, listed below, reflecting a Mississippi address:Current MS Driver\'s License or State issued ID (Persons moving into MS on a permanent basis have 60 days per state law to acquire driver\'s licenses.)oIf it has the Veteran designation or logo, then there is no need for additional documentation Current Utility Bill with matching address on application (Cell phone bill included) Current Vehicle Registration card (no title, mail notice, etc.) Current Employment Documents (paycheck stub, employment contract) Instead of contract maybe "employment verification letter" Lease agreement signed by Lessor and Lessee (letters/affidavits from private homeowners, even if notarized, will not suffice as a residency document) Mortgage document (matching address on application) Prior or prior-prior year MS State Tax Return Recent Voter Registration Card (if issue date over 4 years old, the address must match address on MSDL/ID) Guardianship documents (issued by MS Court or MS Department of Human Services) Emancipation documents Signed statement by the MS Dept. of Human Services or a certified letter from recognized relief agency (such as the Salvation Army) certifying that the student is receiving services as a homeless MS resident Current Military Orders (stationed inside the state of MS) for Mississippi Active Personnel International Students Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College reserves the right to determine the number of international students admitted. International students must meet all of the following admissions requirements at least six weeks prior to enrollment (November 1 for the spring semester or July 1 for the fall semester). International students are not accepted during the summer semester.27'