b'Maritime Multi-CraftCredit(s): 2alignment and repair commonly Technology (MAR)associated with maritime Drilling and wellbore analysisengines. (2,1,1) data to develop a well MAR 1113 - completion plan. A study ofMAR 1316 - Advanced Fundamentals ofpractices and procedures that are Two- and Four-Cycle Maritime Engine Iinvolved in drilling operations Engine and evaluate the effects of Credit(s): 3production operations choosing the tools and procedures forCredit(s): 6 Instruction on the principles ofcompleting a drilled well-bore. theory and operation and skillsTopics on rig equipment, casingAdvanced trouble shooting and related to the repair anddesign, fishing, and properrepair of the engine block of maintenance of the basicprocedures to successfully drill atwo- and four-stroke maritime maritime engine. (3,1,4)well are implemented;engines. Includes instruction in instruction in volumeadvanced engine disassembly MAR 1123 -calculations, hydrostaticinspection, maintenance/repair pressures, formations pressures,and reassembly. (6,1,10) Fundamentals Maritime and analyzing problems in Engine IIdown-hole drilling operations.MAR 1422 - Marine (2,1,2)Corrosion & Prevention Credit(s): 3 MAR 1215 - 2 & 4 CycleCredit(s): 2 A continuation of FundamentalsOutboard Repair & of Maritime Engine I. IncludesInstruction in the repair of boats instruction in the rebuilding ofMaintenance including instruction in the maritime engines and therepair of hull and structure inspection/repair of theseCredit(s): 5 damage. (2,1,2) engines. Prerequisite: MAR 1113. (3,2,2)Maintenance and repair of the basic engine block of a two-andMAR 1612 - Applied MAR 1132 - Intro to Oilfour-stroke maritimeMarine Electricity and Gasengine.Includes instruction in engine disassembly inspection,Credit(s): 2 maintenance/repair and Credit(s): 2reassembly. (5,2,3)Electrical systems associated with maritime engines including An introduction to the variousMAR 1262 - Marinethe charging circuit, starting aspects of the oil & gas industrycircuit and ignition circuit. including equipment, systems,Gearcase, Outdrives & instrumentation, operations, andTransmission SystemsTheory of operation and maintenance/repair are the various scientific principles.discussed. (2,1,1) Addresses a variety of oil & gasCredit(s): 2 technologies: exploration,MAR 1712 - Paint, drilling, production,Disassembly, maintenance, transportation, marketing, andrepair andFiberglass and Coatings chemical processing industries.reassembly/installation of the (2,2,0)major types of transmissions andCredit(s): 2 the operation and maintenance MAR 1142 - WellSharpof outdrive units includingInstruction in the use of coatings components, functions, outdrivein the construction and repair of steering, shifting systems,maritime surfaces to include 373'