b"RGT 2542 -Credit(s): 4SBA 2113 - Advanced Radiographic ProceduresProgrammable Logic IVThis course is designed toControllers/Data correlate scientific components of radiography to entry-levelAcquisition Credit(s): 2knowledge required by the profession. (4,2,4)Credit(s): 3 This course is a study of special radiographic procedures thatSystems BasedThis is an advanced PLC course utilizes sterile techniques andthat provides instruction in the specialized equipment. It alsoAutomation (SBA) various operations and includes basic concepts ofinstallations of advanced pharmacology. In addition, itSBA 1123 - Fluid Powerelectrical control systems also includes principles andutilizing programmable logic procedures involved inCredit(s): 3controllers. This will include radiographic positioning of theareas such as sequencer control, reproductive system.This course provides instructionintroduction to Human Machine Prerequisite: RGT 2533 (2,2,0)in hydraulics and pneumatics.Interfaces, along with Data This course covers actuators,Acquisition and networking. RGT 2911 - Radiationaccumulators, valves, pumps,(3,2,2) Biologymotors, coolers, compression of air, control devices, and circuitSystems Based Credit(s): 1diagram. Emphasis is placed onElectronics (SBE) the development of control This course is a study of thecircuits and troubleshooting techniques. (3,2,2)SBE 1113 - Electronic biological effects of radiationFundamentals I upon living matter. It includes genetic and somatic effects.SBA 1133 - Power (1,1,0)DistributionCredit(s): 3RGT 2921 -Credit(s): 3Principles and theories associated with DC Radiographic Pathologycircuits.This course includes This course provides information on single and threethe study of electrical circuits, Credit(s): 1laws and formulae, and the use phase circuits. This includesof test equipment to analyze DC This course is designed toconnecting and calculatingcircuits.(3,2,2) introduce theories of diseasevalues. (3,2,2) causation and theSBE 1123 - Electronic pathophysiologic disorders thatSBA 1163 - Motor compromise healthy systems.Control SystemsFundamentals II Etiology, pathophysiologic responses, clinicalCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 manifestations, radiographic appearance, and management ofThis course covers installationPrinciples and theories alterations in body systems willof different motor controlassociated with AC circuits, be presented. (1,1,0)circuits and devices. Emphasis isTransformers and placed on developing theSemiconductor circuits. This RGT 2934 - Certificationstudent's ability to diagram,course includes the study of wire, and troubleshoot theelectrical circuits, laws and Fundamentalsformulae, and the use of test different circuits and mechanical control devices. (3,2,2) 416"