b"failure to satisfy legalCredit(s): 3HRT 2914 - Supervised obligations. (3,2,2)Work Experience in This course offers an overviewBaking & Pastry HRT 2613 - Hospitalityof activities related to travel and Supervisiontourism including reservation tasks and services. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 3This course is a cooperative HRT 2853 - Conventionprogram between industry and This course focuses onand Meeting Planningeducation and is designed to supervisory skills in leadershipintegrate the student's technical styles, communication skills,Credit(s): 3studies with industrial motivational techniques,experience. Variable credit is employee training techniques,Planning, promotion, andawarded on the basis of one and evaluation methods. (3,2,2)management of meetings,semester hour per 45 industrial conventions, expositions, andcontact hours. (4,0,12) HRT 2623 - Hospitalityevents. (3,2,2) Human ResourceHRT 2916 - Supervised ManagementHRT 2863 - TourismWork Experience in Planning andHotel and Restaurant Credit(s): 3DevelopmentManagementThis course is designed toCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 6 explore the principles of hospitality human resourceThis course is designed toThis course is a cooperative management with an emphasisprovide the knowledge to planprogram between industry and placed on the study of humanand implement the marketingeducation and is designed to behavior and human relations inand management of specialintegrate the student's technical the hospitality industry. (3,2,2)events and tourism events.studies with industrial (3,3,0)experience. Variable credit is HRT 2713 - Marketingawarded on the basis of one Hospitality ServicesHRT 2913 - Supervisedsemester hour per 45 industrial Work Experience incontact hours. (6,0,18) Credit(s): 3Hotel and Restaurant ManagementHRT 2924 - Supervised This course covers theWork Experience in application of marketingCredit(s): 3Travel and Tourism methodologies and terms to the hospitality and tourism industry,This course is a cooperativeCredit(s): 4 the use of sales techniques forprogram between industry and selling to targeted markets, andeducation and is designed toThis course is a cooperative developing marketing plans forintegrate the student's technicalprogram between industry and hospitality and tourismstudies with industrialeducation and is designed to operations. (3,2,2)experience. Variable credit isintegrate the student's technical awarded on the basis of onestudies with industrial HRT 2843 -semester hour per 45 industrialexperience. Variable credit is Fundamentals in Travelcontact hours. (3,0,9)awarded on the basis of one and Tourismsemester hour per 45 industrial contact hours. (4,0,12) 357"