b'Credit(s): 4BIO 1144 - Generalrelevance of ecological Biology II (LEC/LAB)principles to environmental A combined lecture andproblems and the relationship of laboratory course for non- Credit(s): 4humans to their environment science majors that emphasizeswith emphasis on preservation the survey of the diversity ofA combined lecture andof environmental quality. Labs life, ecology, evolution, and anlaboratory course for scienceassociated with this course overview of organ systems. Labsmajors that reinforces themescontain experiments and associated with this courseand concepts introduced in BIOexercises that reinforce the contain experiments and1134 General Biology I, whileprinciples introduced in lecture exercises that reinforce theemphasizing the diversity of life.classes. (4,3,2) principles introduced in lectureTopics covered include classes. (4,3,2)evolution, classification,BIO 1314 - Botany I ecology, detailed consideration(LEC/LAB) BIO 1134 - Generalof major groups of organisms, Biology I (LEC/LAB)viruses, and the study of animalsCredit(s): 4 and plants including their Credit(s): 4anatomy and physiology.A combined lecture and Prerequisite: BIO 1134 (4,3,2)laboratory course covering the A combined lecture andrepresentative groups of the laboratory course for scienceBIO 1144H - Honorsplant kingdom, their anatomy, majors that covers the majorGeneral Biology IIphysiology, taxonomy, and themes of biology, the scientific(LEC/LAB)economic importance. Labs method, chemistry relevant toassociated with this course biological systems, cellcontain experiments and processes includingCredit(s): 4exercises that reinforce the photosynthesis and cellularprinciples introduced in lecture respiration, cell division,A combined lecture andclasses. Prerequisite: *(4,3,2) genetics, and molecularlaboratory course for sciencegenetics. (4,3,2)majors that reinforces themes and concepts introduced in BIOBIO 1513 - Principles of BIO 1134H - Honors1134 General Biology I, while emphasizing the diversity of life.Anatomy and Physiology General Biology ITopics covered includeI Lecture (LEC/LAB)evolution, classification, ecology, detailed considerationCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4of major groups of organisms, viruses, and the study of animalsA lecture course that provides A combined lecture andand plants including theirintroduction to the anatomical laboratory course for scienceanatomy and physiology. (Byand physiological study of the majors that covers the majorinvitation only.) (4,3,2)human body at the molecular, themes of biology, the scientificcellular, tissue, organ, and organ method, chemistry relevant toBIO 1214 -system levels.Organ systems biological systems, cellEnvironmental Sciencecovered in this course are the processes including(LEC/LAB)integumentary, muscular, photosynthesis and cellularskeletal, and nervous systems. respiration, cell division,(3,3,0) genetics, and molecularCredit(s): 4 genetics. (By invitation only.) (4,3,2)A combined lecture and laboratory course covering the 315'