b"LVT 2343 - MixingCredit(s): 3Concert Lighting II and Techniquesintroduces the student to This course covers the principlesmoving-light and large- scale Credit(s): 3and basic concepts of acousticsconcert lighting operations. in sound recording andTopics include an overview of This course explores the use ofreinforcement. Topics includemoving-light instruments, their audio processors and mixers tovarious acoustical properties,operation, and their shape high-quality mixes,waveforms, resonances,programming, offering hands-on building on the students' gearfrequencies, and responses andtraining on large-scale lighting knowledge and listening skills.real-life applications inrigs. Upon completion, students Upon completion, students willrecording studios and liveshould be able to identify demonstrate principles of blend,performance facilities. Upondifferent moving-light contrast, space, and dynamics tocompletion, students should beinstruments, operate and build listener interest.able to describe basic acousticalprogram moving-lights, Prerequisites: C or better in LVTproperties and concepts andconstruct and operate large-scale 1114, LVT 1211, and LVTapply them in sound productionslighting rigs, and build a lighting 1253. (3,1,4)in studios and live performancesequence to accompany a music facilities. Prerequisites: C orsequence. Prerequisites: C or better in LVT 1114 and LVTbetter in LVT 1133 and LVT LVT 2353 - Live1211. (3,2,2)2373. (3,2,2) Broadcast Production LVT 2373 - ConcertLVT 2393 - Multimedia Credit(s): 3Lighting IIProductionThis course focuses on the technical fundamentals of audio,Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 video, and communications systems needed for theThis course is a continuation ofThis course introduces students production of live broadcastConcert Lighting I andto the rapidly growing field of events. Areas of study includeintroduces more advancedaudio and visual technologies intercom-communicationsconcert lighting operations.for the live- production field. systems, radio frequency (RF)Topics include advancedThis course is dedicated to systems and coordination,lighting concepts, lighting plotbuilding confidence in the area broadcast systems signal flow,reading, followspot theory andof multimedia-conference and record/playback systems.operation, computerized controlmeetings and corporate-Additionally, microphone andconsoles, and large-scale mobilepresentation skills. The course camera types and properlighting systems. Uponfamiliarizes students with basic operation and techniques will becompletion, students should beaudio, lighting, and video examined. Upon completion,able to construct complextechnology used by today's students will establishlighting rigs from plots, operateaudiovisual (A/V) event appropriate technicalfollowspots, andtechnician. Areas of study connections and produce a liveprogram/operate computerizedinclude breakout-room setups, broadcast event that includescontrol consoles. Prerequisite: Cvideo display systems, intercom audio, video, andor better in LVT 1133. (3,2,2)communications, video-communication elements.switching procedures, lighting Prerequisites: C or better in LVTLVT 2383 - Automatedfor video, camera operation. 1123, LVT 1223, LVT 1253,LightingUpon completion, students will and LVT 2343. (3,1,4)apply these skills in lab while setting up a simulated corporate Credit(s): 3 multimedia event. Prerequisites: LVT 2363 - Acoustics C or better in LVT 1114 and This course is a continuation of LVT 1133. (3,1,4) 372"