b'strengthen learning situationswith wider vocabulary and morethat incorporates a broader brought up in the practicumcomplex structures andvocabulary base and usage of setting. (6,1,15)functions. Prerequisite: MFLmore complex structures and 1213 or 1 year of previousfunctions.(3,3,0) Modern Foreignlanguage study. One laboratory Language (MFL)hour per week. (3,3,0)MFL 2113 - French III MFL 1113 - French IMFL 1413 - Japanese ICredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3MFL 2113 continues MFL1123 with additional materials of An oral-aural approach, stressesEmphasizes conversationalliterary and cultural value. conversation, pronunciation,Japanese based on Ramaji text.Prerequisite: MFL 1113 and comprehension, reading, writingIncludes study of basicMFL 1123 or two years of high and functional grammar, withgrammar, hiragana, katakana,school French. One laboratory emphasis on the practicaland introduction of basic kanji.hour per week. (3,3,0) aspects of the language. One(3,3,0) laboratory hour perMFL 2123 - French IV week. (3,3,0)MFL 1423 - Japanese II Credit(s): 3 MFL 1123 - French IICredit(s): 3 MFL 1223 continues MFL 2113 Credit(s): 3MFL 1423 continues MFL 1413with additional literary and emphasizing conversationalcultural readings and MFL 1123 continues MFL 1113Japanese based on text incompositions as well as a review with wider vocabulary and morehiragana, katakana, and kanji.of essential elements of complex structures andThis course includes study ofgrammar. Prerequisite: MFL functions. Prerequisite: MFLcomplex grammar and increased2113. One laboratory hour per 1113 or 1 year of previousnumber of kanji characters.week. (3,3,0) language study. One laboratoryPrerequisite:MFL 1413 (3,3,0) hour per week. (3,3,0)MFL 2213 - Spanish III MFL 1713 - Italian I MFL 1213 - Spanish ICredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3MFL 2213 continues MFL 1223 MFL 1713 is an oral-auralwith additional materials of MFL 1213, an oral-auralapproach to the Italian languageliterary and cultural approach stresses conversation,that stresses conversation,value.Prerequisite: MFL pronunciation, listeningpronunciation, comprehension,1213 and MFL 1223 or two comprehension, reading,reading, writing, and functionalyears high school Spanish. One writing, and functional grammargrammar with emphasis onlaboratory hour per week. with emphasis onpractical aspects and(3,3,0) communication. One laboratoryapplications of the hour per week. (3,3,0)language.(3,3,0)MFL 2223 - Spanish IV MFL 1223 - Spanish IIMFL 1723 - Italian IICredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3MFL 2223 continues MFL 2213 with additional literary and MFL 1223 continues MFL 1213MFL 1723 continues MFL 1713cultural readings and 378'