b'across the curriculum. ProjectIMT 2772 - SimulationIST 1124 - IT will be student-originated;and Game ProjectFoundations dependent upon instructor approval. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 2Credit(s): 4IMT 2743 - IntegratedThis course is designed to aidThis course covers the Extended Reality (XR)students in creating a functionaldiagnosis, troubleshooting, and Experiencesimulation or game withmaintenance of computer minimal aid from the instructor.components and interpersonal Credit(s): 3Students will also be instructedcommunications for IT on the creation and presentationprofessionals. Topics include In this course, students willof a simulation and gamehardware compatibility, system work in teams to plan anddevelopment portfolio. (2,1,2)architecture, memory, input produce a comprehensivedevices, video displays, disk project that integratesIMT 2783 - Audio fordrives, modems, printers, safety knowledge and skills fromSimulation and Gamesand environmental issues, across the curriculum. Projectcommunication, and will be student-oriented;professional behavior. (4,2,4). Credit(s): 3 dependent upon instructor approval. (3,1,4)This course provides anIST 1134 - CCNA 1: introduction to the variousIntro to Networks IMT 2752 - Lighting andaspects of audio and its Shadingapplication in simulations andCredit(s): 4 game development. Students Credit(s): 2will learn how to produce andThis course presents basic edit audio for simulations andconcepts of Internet protocol This course is designed togames. (3,2,2)(IP) telephony, local area introduce students to lightingnetworks, wide area networks, and shading algorithms used inInformation Systemsdata transmission, and topology simulation and gameTechnology (IST)methods. (4,2,4) development. Students will utilize various tools to createIST 1113 - FundamentalsIST 1143 - Principles of light and shadows. (2,2,2)of InformationInformation Security IMT 2763 - IntroductionTechnologyCredit(s): 3 to Extended Reality (XR) Credit(s): 3This course is an introduction to Content Production the various technical and This course introducesadministrative aspects of Credit(s): 3microcomputer operations, word information security and processing, spreadsheets,assurance. This course provides This course is designed todatabase management, introduce students to extendedthe foundation for understanding presentation, and onlinethe key issues associated with reality (XR) using AR/VR/MRapplications. It is designed for experience and creation tools,protecting information assets, students with limited computerdetermining the levels of while researching the benefitsproficiency and is to be taken by and roles within the industry.protection and response to those students in addition to thesecurity incidents, and designing (3,2,2)courses listed in the course a consistent, reasonable sequence. (3,2,2)information security system with 363'