b"This course is designed for theCredit(s): 6Credit(s): 3 on the job application of various industrial and educational skillsThis supervised workThis course will provide the with the integration of theexperience will be performedstudent with intermediate apprentice's technical studiesin an on-the-job trainingcarpenter skill sets with practical and industrial experience.setting related to theapplications applied in the field (3,0,6)while working to erect apprentice's major field ofscaffolding and MTA 1004 - Supervisedstudy. This course isshoring/blocking, with a marine Work Experiencedesigned for the on the jobenvironment. In addition, the application of variouscourse explains Occupational Credit(s): 4industrial and educationalSafety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety skills with the integration of regulations and tagging This supervised workthe apprentice's technical procedures. (3,2,2) experience will be performedstudies and industrial in an on-the-job trainingexperience.(6,1,10) MTA 1143 - Blueprint setting related to theReading for Carpenter apprentice's major field ofMTA 1113 - study. This course isOccupational MathCredit(s): 3 designed for the on the job application of variousCredit(s): 3This course is a comprehensive industrial and educationalguide to interpreting drawings skills with the integration ofThis course provides ancommonly found in the introduction to fundamentals ofshipbuilding industry. The the apprentice's technicalstudents will develop an general math, basic algebraic studies and industrialoperations, plane geometry, andunderstanding of the different experience.(4,0,8)application of trigonometrictypes, sizes, and parts of various functions.It also includesdrawings related to their trade. MTA 1005 - Supervisedinstruction in the principles ofAbbreviations and symbols Work Experiencemeasurement and practice withrelated to the shipbuilding the steel ruler.(3,2,2)industry along with a brief introduction of laying out, Credit(s): 5cutting, shaping and fitting keel MTA 1122 - Carpenter blocks; correct placements of This supervised work experienceShop I vertical and incline ladders: will be performed in an on-the- hatch guard and lifeline job training setting related to theCredit(s): 2placement and installation on apprentice's major field of study.marine type drawings that will This course is designed for theThis course will provide thebe provided. General on the job application of variousstudent with the basic carpentershipbuilding terminology, industrial and educational skillsskill sets using basic hand andorientation, deck levels, with the integration of thepower tools with practicalcompartments, and shipboard apprentice's technical studiesapplications applied in the fieldequipment will be introduced. and industrial experience.and the carpenter shop, within aSuccessful completion of this (5,0,8)marine environment. (2,1,2)course will give the student a general knowledge of the MTA 1006 - SupervisedMTA 1133 - Carpenterdrawings used in the Work ExperienceShop IIshipbuilding industry and enhance the student's productivity. (3,2,2) 386"