b"major African American writersFamily and ConsumerCredit(s): 3 from its beginnings to theStudies (FCS) present. Prerequisite: ENGThis course is designed for 1113 and ENG 1123. (3,3,0)Family Services Navigation FCS 1253 - Nutrition majors as a pre-professional ENG 2613 - Film asfield experience broadening the Credit(s): 3student's public knowledge and Literature expanding the experiences A lecture course covering theassociated with personal and Credit(s): 3nutrients for normal growth and family services to enhance the prevention of major chronic theoretical content learned Film as Literature. A study ofdiseases, and applied to the throughout the coursework. It is current and classic motionselection of food for ingestion, expected that the field pictures as a form of literary,the metabolic process of experience will afford students historic, and cinematicdigestion, assimilation and the opportunity to interact and expression with an emphasis onabsorption, and the applications collaborate with personal and American culture. Prerequisite:for healthcare providers. family services professionals ENG 1113 or ENG 1114. (3,3,0)Prerequisite: BIO 1134, BIO and organizations with similar 2514, and BIOmissions. Integral to closing the Educational Psychology2524 recommended. (3,3,0)loop on the learning process is (EPY)the opportunity for students to Fire Protectionreflect on the field experience. EPY 2513 - ChildTechnology (FFT)Students will collaborate on the Psychologydifferent infrastructures and FFT 1213 - Firefightingapproaches they observed at each field location. Consent of Credit(s): 3Principles and Practices the Personal/Family Navigatorprogram director required. Eight A study of various aspects ofCredit(s): 3 hours clinic per week. human growth and development Pre/corequisites: Admission into during childhood and emergingA basic firefighting tactical a PHT/Navigator Concentration. adolescence. Topics includecourse, this class provides PHT courses must be taken in biological, psychosocial andinformation about the major curriculum display(3,0,8)cognitive development.principles and practices Prerequisite: PSY 1513. (3,3,0)conducted at fire and emergency scenes. Concentrating onFSP 2223 - Family EPY 2533 - Humanactivities of rescue, ventilation, Growth andsalvage, overhaul, offensive andServices Practicum II Developmentdefensive attack methods, and firefighter safety, studentsCredit(s): 3 explore various operations that Credit(s): 3This course is designed for must be conducted in a Family Services Navigation coordinated manner. (3,2,2) A study of various aspects ofmajors as a pre-professional human growth and developmentfield experience broadening the from conception through death.Family Services student's public knowledge and Topics include biological,Practicum (FSP) expanding the experiences psychosocial and cognitiveassociated with personal and development. Prerequisites: PSYFSP 2113 - Familyfamily services to enhance the 1513. (3,3,0)Services Practicum Itheoretical content learned throughout the coursework. It is expected that field experience II 348"