b'services; and hair coloring.safety precautions associatedin cosmetology practices a Included are classroom theorywith each. (3,0,9)safety precautions associated and lab practice as governed bywith each. (2,0,6) Mississippi cosmetology laws,COV 1522 - Nail Care I rules, and regulations involvedCOV 1622 - Skin Care I in cosmetology practices andCredit(s): 2 safety precautions associatedCredit(s): 2 with each. (6,2,12)This course consists of basic nail care services including nailThis course consists of the COV 1436 - Hair Care IIstructure and growth,introduction to basic skin care manicuring and pedicuring, andservices including anatomy of Credit(s): 6advanced nail techniques.skin, disorders of skin, hair Included are classroom theoryremoval, facials, and facial This course consists of theand lab practice as governed bymakeup. Included are classroom advanced study of properties ofMississippi cosmetology laws,theory and lab practice as the hair and scalp; principles ofrules, and regulations involvedgoverned by Mississippi hair design; shampooing,in cosmetology practices acosmetology laws, rules, and rinsing, and conditioning;safety precautions associatedregulations involved in haircutting; hairstyling; braidingwith each. (2,1,3)cosmetology practices and and braid extensions; wigs andsafety precautions associated hair enhancements; chemicalCOV 1532 - Nail Care IIwith each. (2,1,3) texture services; and hair coloring. Included are classroomCredit(s): 2COV 1632 - Skin Care II theory and lab practice as governed by MississippiThis course consists of basic nailCredit(s): 2 cosmetology laws, rules, andcare services including nail regulations involved instructure and growth,This course consists of cosmetology practices andmanicuring and pedicuring, andintermediate skin care services safety precautions associatedadvanced nail techniques.including anatomy of skin, with each. (6,2,12)Included are classroom theorydisorders of skin, hair removal, and lab practice as governed byfacials, and facial makeup. COV 1443 - Hair CareMississippi cosmetology laws,Included are classroom theory IIIrules, and regulations involvedand lab practice as governed by in cosmetology practices aMississippi cosmetology laws, Credit(s): 3safety precautions associatedrules, and regulations involved with each. (2,1,3)in cosmetology practices and This course consists of thesafety precautions associated practical applications of theCOV 1542 - Nail Care IIIwith each. (2,1,3) study of properties of the hair and scalp; principles of hairCredit(s): 2COV 1642 - Skin Care design; shampooing, rinsing,III and conditioning; haircutting;This course consists of basic nail hairstyling; braiding and braidcare services including nailCredit(s): 2 extensions; wigs and hairstructure and growth, enhancements; chemical texturemanicuring and pedicuring, andThis course consists of advanced services; and hair coloring.advanced nail techniques.skin care services including Included are classroom theoryIncluded are classroom theoryanatomy of skin, disorders of and lab practice as governed byand lab practice as governed byskin, hair removal, facials, and Mississippi cosmetology laws,Mississippi cosmetology laws,facial makeup. Included are rules, and regulations involvedrules, and regulations involvedclassroom theory and lab in cosmetology practices and 328'