b'Credit(s): 3navigate, and recover an actualsystems used in unmanned ROV and will be trained on themaritime systems. (3,1,4) A survey of topics in practicalbasic operations of small sensing and communications.observation class ROVs to theWelding Technology Characterization of majorlarge work class ROVs used in(WLT) sensors, capabilities, and datadeep ocean work. (3,1,4) rate requirements by application. Description, analysis, andUMA 2123 - AdvancedWLT 1115 - Shielded selection considerations amongSubmersible RoboticsMetal Arc Welding I major aspects of data links. (3,1,4)Credit(s): 5 Credit(s): 3UMA 1253 - ElectronicThis course is designed to teach This course is designed tostudents introductory welding Drawings andintroduce the student to techniques using the SMAW Schematicsoperation and system integrationprocess. Prerequisite: WLT of multiple unmanned1173. (5,1,8) Credit(s): 3submersible robotic system onto an operational ROV platform. Advanced topics to be covered:WLT 1124 - Gas Metal This course introduces the student to an essential skill invision and video systems, sensorArc Welding the field of electronic/electricalinstallation, inspection and equipment maintenance,calibration, advanced operationCredit(s): 4 installation or modification: theprogramming for mission, ability to read and understandverification of communicationThis course is designed to give electrical ladder drawings,and navigation systems. (3,1,4)the student experience in various schematics and diagrams. Thiswelding applications with the course covers several types ofUMA 2133 - UnmannedGMAW process using various industrial control prints for aVehicles Capstonemodes of transfer. Prerequisite: variety of different motor-drivenWLT 1225. (4,1,6) processes, with an emphasis onCredit(s): 3 the differences between type andWLT 1135 - Gas the purposes and flow of each.A course designed to includeTungsten Arc Welding Students will create schematiccomprehensive applications of diagrams based on circuitmaintenance andCredit(s): 5 descriptions and will learn totroubleshooting of unmanned interpret schematic drawings insystems, to include aThis course is designed to give order to provide verbal ordemonstration of knowledge,the student experience in various written circuit descriptions.skills, and abilities obtained.welding applications using the (3,1,4)(3,1,4)GTAW process. Prerequisite: WLT 1143. (5,1,8) UMA 2113 - ROVUMA 2143 - Advanced PilotingPower/PropulsionWLT 1143 - Flux Cored SystemsArc Welding Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 This is an introduction course inpiloting underwater RemotelyThis course is designed to give This advanced course will Operated Vehicles (ROV).the student experience using introduce the student to the Students will have theFCAW process. Prerequisite: installation, calibration, and opportunity to launch, pilot,WLT 1225. (3,1,4) troubleshooting of propulsion 421'