b'general gynecology, obstetrics,neurosurgery; thoracic;Credit(s): 3 genitourinary, ear, nose, andperipheral vascular and throat; eye; oral andcardiovascularThis course is designed to maxillofacial surgery;surgery.Prerequisites:All 1stintroduce the student to orthopedics; plastics;and 2nd semesterunmanned submersible robotics. neurosurgery; thoracic;coursework.Corequisites:SUTTopics to be covered include peripheral vascular and1634, SUT 1703, SUTrobotics history, underwater cardiovascular1724 (5,0,15)robot configurations, operation, surgery.Prerequisites:SUTand basic programming and how 1113, SUTUtility Lineman (ULT)they relate to the unmanned 1217Corequisites:SUT 1413,vehicle industry. (3,1,4) SUT 1614, SUT 1624 (4,0,12)ULT 1118 - Electric Lineman IUMA 1223 - Manipulator SUT 1724 - ClinicalSystems for Unmanned Practice IICredit(s): 8VehiclesCredit(s): 4This course covers basicCredit(s): 3 electricity, OSHA standards, This course includes clinicalCPR instruction, and basicThis course is designed to practice and didactic instructioncomputer technology. (8,4,8)introduce the student to end in a clinical affiliate.Surgicaleffectors and manipulators used specialty areas covered includeULT 1128 - Electricin unmanned robotics. Topics to general gynecology, obstetrics,Lineman IIbe covered include impactive, genitourinary, ear, nose, andingressive, astrictive, and throat; eye; oral andcogtigutive end effectors and the maxillofacial surgery;Credit(s): 8underwater configurations, orthopedics; plastics;operation, and how end effectors neurosurgery; thoracic;Topics covered includeand manipulators are used in the peripheral vascular andtransformer, electric codes, poleunmanned vehicle industry. cardiovascularclimbing and RUS(3,1,4) surgery.Prerequisites:All 1stspecifications. (8,4,8) and 2nd semesterUMA 1233 - Introduction coursework.Corequisites:SUTUnmanned Maritime to Power/Propulsion 1634, SUT 1703, SUTSystems (UMA) 1735 (4,0,12)Systems for Unmanned UMA 1113 - NavigationVehicles SUT 1735 - Clinicalof Unmanned Vehicles Practice IIICredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3This introductory course will Credit(s): 5 introduce the student to the Principles and theoriesselection and evaluation and This course includes clinicalassociated with the navigation of practice and didactic instructionoperation of unmanned vehicle unmanned vehicles. This coursepower and propulsion systems. in a clinical affiliate.Surgicalincludes the study of practical specialty areas covered include(3,1,4) navigation of unmanned general gynecology, obstetrics,vehicles and the related circuits genitourinary, ear, nose, andUMA 1243 - Sensor and systems used. (3,1,4) throat; eye; oral andSystems for Unmanned maxillofacial surgery;UMA 1213 - IntroductionVehicles orthopedics; plastics; to Submersible Robotics 420'