b'Credit(s): 3therapy practice. Emphasis isThis manipulative course placed upon mechanisms ofprovides fundamental This intake course provides apathology and basic treatmentknowledge of practice skills basic knowledge of selectedapproaches. The role andused with patients/clients across diseases and conditionsfunction of the occupationalthe life span and with various encountered in occupationaltherapy assistant (OTA) in thediagnoses. Observation and therapy practice. Emphasis is ontreatment process is alsodocumentation techniques will etiology, prognosis, andemphasized. Prerequisite:be introduced. Prerequisite: management of variousInstructor Approved. (2,2,0) Instructor Approved. (3,2,2)pathological physical conditions. The role and function of the OTA in the treatment process isOTA 1314 - KinesiologyOTA 1433 - Occupational also emphasized. Prerequisite:Therapy Skills II Instructor Approved. (3,0,0) Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 3 This intake course studies OTA 1233 - Pathology ofindividual muscles and muscleThis manipulative course Developmentalfunctions, biomechanicalprovides intermediate practice Conditionsprinciples of joint motion, gaitskills used with patients/clients patterns, normal movementacross the lifespan and with Credit(s): 3patterns, and goniometry.various diagnoses. Prerequisite: Prerequisite: InstructorInstructor Approved. (3,2,2)This intake course provides aApproved. (4,3,2) basic knowledge of selecteddiseases and conditionsOTA 1513 - Group encountered in occupationalOTA 1413 - TherapeuticProcess therapy practice. Emphasis is onMedia etiology, prognosis, andCredit(s): 3 management of variousCredit(s): 3 pathological developmentalThis manipulative course conditions. The student willThis manipulation courseintroduces theory and research compare and contrast normalprovides knowledge and use offindings explaining group and abnormal developmentaltools, equipment, and basicdynamics. The course teaches patterns. The role and functiontechniques of therapeutic media.the student how to facilitate of the occupational therapyEmphasis is given to analysisgroup effectiveness and the assistant (OTA) in the treatmentand instruction of activitiesskills to apply that knowledge in process is alsofrequently used as occupationalpractical situations. Methods emphasized.Prerequisite:therapy media in multipleand skills necessary to plan, Instructor Approved. (3,3,0) community and clinical settings.write, lead, and evaluate anPrerequisite: Instructoroccupational therapy group will Approved. (3,2,2) be taught. The course focuses on OTA 1242 - Pathology of the importance of group activity Orthopedic Conditionsintervention primarily with thepsychiatric population. Credit(s): 2Prerequisite: Instructor OTA 1423 - OccupationalApproved. (3,2,2) This intake course provides aTherapy Skills Ibasic knowledge of selected orthopedic conditionsCredit(s): 3OTA 1913 - Fieldwork encountered in occupationalI:A 403'