b"Emphasis will be placed ondiseases, including thecollaborate with public health health insurance/financinghumanistic and economicprofessionals and participate in principles, access to care andimplications of these diseases.actions that constitute public terminology. Prerequisites:Pre/corequisites: Admission intohealth. Integral to closing the Admission into one of theone of the PHT/Navigatorloop on the learning process is PHT/Navigator Concentrations.Concentrations. PHT coursesthe opportunity for students to PHT courses must be taken inmust be taken in curriculumreflect on the field experience. curriculum display.(2,2,0) display.(3,3,0) Students will collaborate on the different infrastructures and approaches they observed at PHT 1233 - Public HealthPHT 2123 - Healtheach field location. Consent of Statistics and AnalysisInformation Access andthe Public Health Technology program director required. Eight Analysis hours clinic per Credit(s): 3 week.Pre/corequisites: Credit(s): 3 Admission into one of the This course provides instruction PHT/Navigator Concentrations. in basic mathematical concepts,This course will provide a brief PHT courses must be taken in including the ability to interpretoverview of healthcare law, curriculum display.(3,0,8) statistical data, gather and reportintroduction to health statistical data. Emphasis will beinformation systems as well as placed on common statisticalPHT 2213 - HealthCare system integrations and provides computations and their use inknowledge of health recordAdvocacy public health settings. Topicscontent and reporting that will be covered includerequirements. Topics willCredit(s): 3 basic math and statisticalinclude HIPAA, record content, computations, census andelectronic health record, dataThis course provides an occupancy rates, vital statisticssets and reporting requirements.overview of the assessment, and mortality rates.Pre/corequisites: Admission intodevelopment, implementation Prerequisites: Admission intoone of the PHT/Navigatorand evaluation of public health one of the PHT/NavigatorConcentrations. PHT coursesprogramming. Students will Concentrations. PHT coursesmust be taken in curriculumlearn and demonstrate skills in must be taken in curriculumdisplay.(3,3,0) community assessment and display.(3,3,0)organization techniquesincluding stakeholder PHT 2133 - Public Healthidentification, coalition-PHT 2113 - IntroductionPracticum Ibuilding, advocacy and the to Epidemiologyidentification of funding sources. Pre/corequisites: Credit(s): 3Admission into one of the Credit(s): 3 PHT/Navigator Concentrations. This course is designed for PHT courses must be taken in This course will coverPublic Health majors as a pre-curriculum display.(3,3,0)applications of epidemiologicprofessional field experience to methods and procedures to thebroaden the student's public 220 study of the distribution andhealth perspectives and provide determinants of health andPHT 2223 - Public Health experience in applying the diseases, morbidity, injuries,theory and content learned inEducation disability and mortality intheir public health coursework.Communication populations. A study of theIt is expected that the field causes, incidence andexperience will afford studentsCredit(s): 3 distribution of commonthe opportunity to interact and 406"