b'implementing time managementCredit(s): 4Credit(s): 1 and organizational skills while managing the care of multipleThis course facilitates theThis intake course is a study of clients and collaborating withtransition of the student to themedical language relating to the interdisciplinary team.role of a professional nurse.body systems including Concepts of clinical judgment,Emphasis is placed ondiseases, physical conditions, priority-setting, decision- contemporary issues andabbreviations, and symbols as making, and legal and ethicalmanagement concepts, as wellapplied to occupational therapy. practice are integratedas developing the skills ofProfessional language for throughout the course. Clinicaldelegation, conflictoccupational therapy will be experiences provide the studentmanagement, and leadership.included. Prerequisite: Instructor an opportunity to applyLegal and ethical issues areApproved. (1,1,0) theoretical concepts anddiscussed with a focus on implement safe care to clientspersonal accountability andOTA 1132 - Therapeutic and selected groups in a varietyresponsibility. Standards ofAnatomy of settings. Prerequisites: SPTpractice and the significance of 1113; NUR 1118; NURfunctioning according to state Credit(s): 2 1121; NUR 1131; NUR 1217;regulations and statutes areNUR 1223; NUR 2318; NURanalyzed. Clinical experiences This intake course will focus 2322 (6,4,6)provide the student the upon the structures of the human opportunity to apply theoretical body and their respective NUR 2422 - Nursingconcepts while functioning in a functions. Emphasis will be Comprehensive Seminarleadership role.placed upon the muscular, Prerequisites: SPT 1113; NUR skeletal, and nervous systems. 1118; NUR 1121; NUR Credit(s): 2Prerequisite: Instructor 1131; NUR 1217; NUR 1223; Approved. (2,1,2) NUR 2318; NUR 2322 (4,2,6) This course focuses on effective utilization of clinical reasoningOTA 1213 - Pathology of necessary for professionalOccupational Therapy nursing practice. The student isAssistant (OTA)Psychiatric Conditions expected to participate in Credit(s): 3 discussions of case studies,OTA 1113 - Foundationsclinical simulations andof Occupational TherapyThis intake course provides a strategies for NCLEX-RN basic knowledge of psychiatric testing. Through diagnosticCredit(s): 3disorders encountered in testing, students will assess theiroccupation therapy practice. individual strengths andThis intake course is anEmphasis is on etiology, weaknesses in nursingintroduction to the field ofprognosis, and management of knowledge and remediate inoccupational therapy includingvarious psychiatric conditions. areas needing improvement.history, role orientation,The role and function of the Prerequisites: SPT 1113; NURprofessional organizationalOTA in the treatment process is 1118; NUR 1121; NURstructure, legal and ethicalalso emphasized. Prerequisite: 1131; NUR 1217; NUR 1223;implications, legislation,Instructor Approved. (3,3,0)NUR 2318; NUR 2322 (2,2,0)practice arenas, and the processof service delivery. Prerequisite: NUR 2434 - Transition toInstructor Approved. (3,3,0) OTA 1223 - Pathology of Professional Nursing Physical Disability PracticeConditions OTA 1121 - Medical Terminology 402'