b'the math component, b) creditThis course includes advancedCST 1613 - Security for MAT 1313, or c) permissiondata abstraction andFundamentals of the instructor. (3,3,0)corresponding algorithms, memory management, searchingCredit(s): 3 CSC 2134 -and sorting techniques, hash Programming I with Ctables, and algorithmFundamentals of IT security. analysis. Prerequisites: CSCTopics include identifying risks Credit(s): 42144. (4,3,2) and participating in riskmitigation activities; providing An introduction to probleminfrastructure, application, solving methods, algorithmIT Specialist Technologyoperational, and information development, designing,(CST)security; applying security debugging, and documentationcontrols to maintain in C language with a varietyCST 1123 - Basic ITconfidentiality, integrity, and of applications including 1/0Hardwareavailability; identifying statements, operators,appropriate technologies and conditional, looping,products; troubleshooting Credit(s): 3 methods/functions, and arraysecurity events and incidents;processing. (Course has aand operating with an awareness A survey of computer hardware required lab component.)of applicable policies, laws, and components. Topics include Prerequisite: MAT 1313 orregulations. (3,2,2) hardware compatibility, system MAT 1314 and CSC 1213,architecture, input devices, previous programmingvideo displays and adapters, diskCST 1713 - Server experience or permission ofdrives, and other relatedAdministration I instructor. (4,3,2)peripherals. Prerequisite CST 2113. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3 CSC 2144 - Programming II withCST 1213 - Networking IFundamentals of server support. CTopics include support of server Credit(s): 3hardware, installation, and Credit(s): 4configuration of server operating Concepts of telephony, localsystems, and asset management. This course is designed to be aarea networks, wide area(3,2,2) continuation of program andnetworks, data transmission, and algorithm development andtopology methods. (3,2,2)CST 1813 - Server analysis, search/sort methods,Administration II dynamic memory management,CST 1333 - Operating abstract data types and object- SystemsCredit(s): 3 oriented design, designing and debugging larger programs.Fundamentals of server support. (Course has a required labCredit(s): 3 Topics include support of server component.) Prerequisite: CSChardware, installation and 2134 - Programming I withStudy of operating systems. Emphasis will be placed onconfiguration server operating C. (4,3,2)systems, and asset management. support personnel interaction with operating systems and(3,2,2) CSC 2844 - Datarelated software applications. Structures(3,2,2)CST 1913 - Mobile Device Support I Credit(s): 4332'