b"Credit(s): 2to teach the fundamentalIndividual piano instruction principles of playing, exploreincluding technique, appropriate Guitar for music educationmoderate to advanced levels ofrepertoire, and memorization. majors with guitar as their arealiterature and develop the(2,1,0) of emphasis. Introduction tostudent's interest in playing. guitar technique, repertoire, and(2,1,0)MUA 2581 - Piano for performance of standardNon Keyboard Music literature. (2,1,0)MUA 2512 - Class PianoMajors IV for Music Majors III MUA 2282 - Guitar for Credit(s): 1 Music Education MajorsCredit(s): 2 IVIndividual piano instruction for Class piano instruction fornon-keyboard music majors. Credit(s): 2music majors with no previous(1,1/2,0) piano training. This curriculum Guitar for music educationis designed to prepare studentsMUA 2582 - Piano for majors with guitar as their areafor their piano proficiencyKeyboard Majors (Music of emphasis. Introduction toexamination upon transfer to university. (2,2,0)Education) IV guitar technique, repertoire, and performance of standard literature. (2,1,0)MUA 2522 - Class PianoCredit(s): 2 for Music Majors IV MUA 2472 - PercussionIndividual piano instruction including technique, appropriate for Music EducationCredit(s): 2repertoire, and memorization. Majors III(2,1,0) Class piano instruction for Credit(s): 2music majors with no previousMUA 2711 - Class Voice piano training. This curriculum is designed to prepare studentsIII (Non-Major) Percussion instruction for music majors and advanced non-musicfor their piano proficiency examination upon transfer toCredit(s): 1 majors with an emphasis on university. (2,2,0) percussion instrumental playing. Class voice is designed to teach Designed to teach the MUA 2571 - Piano forthe fundamental principles of fundamental principles of playing, explore moderate toNon-Keyboard Musicsinging, explore elementary to moderate levels of vocal advanced levels of literature andMajor III literature and develop and develop the student's interest in improve the students vocal playing. (2,1,0)Credit(s): 1 ability in a group setting. (1,1,0)MUA 2482 - PercussionIndividual piano instruction forMUA 2721 - Class Voice for Music Educationnon-keyboard music majors.IV (Non-Major) Majors IV(1,1/2,0) MUA 2572 - Piano forCredit(s): 1 Credit(s): 2 Keyboard Majors (MusicClass voice is designed to teach Percussion instruction for musicEducation) IIIthe fundamental principles of majors and non-music majorssinging, explore elementary to with an emphasis on percussionCredit(s): 2moderate levels of vocal instrumental playing. Designedliterature and develop and 395"