b'mechanical aspects of humanknowledge and information inare also presented for motion. (3,3,0)the area of techniques.(3,3,0)miscellaneous body fluids with correlation to diseased states. MGT 1343 - PathologyMGT 2233 - Massage(2,1,2) and MedicalTherapy IV TerminologyMLT 1314 - Hematology Credit(s): 3I Credit(s): 3 This course will provideCredit(s): 4 This course is designed to teachstudents with additional the student functionalknowledge and information inThis course is a study of the assessment of therapeuticthe area of techniques.(3,3,0)function of blood, morphology, massage in relation toand maturation of normal cells, pathology. The student learnsMedical Laboratoryblood cell counts, differentials pathology of multiple systemsTechnology (MLT)of white cells, and blood and determines its impact on thecollection and handling. delivery of massage therapyMLT 1112 -Prerequisites: MLT 1212, services in his or her own2612, BIO 2514, CHE 1214. practice. Discussion of theFundamentals of Medical(4,3,2) massage therapy scope ofLaboratory practice and its relationship toTechnology/PhlebotomyMLT 1324 - Hematology other allied health professions isII included. UnderstandingCredit(s): 2 methods of communication withCredit(s): 4 other professionals and clients,The course includes an overview exploring holistic self-careof the field of MedicalThis course includes the study of practices, and developing aLaboratory Technology, as wellabnormal cell morphology and systematic evaluation andas familiarization withdiseases involving blood cells, documentation scheme are alsolaboratory safety, microscopes,test procedures used in covered. (3,3,0)glassware, and equipment. Itlaboratory diagnosis of also includes laboratoryhematological disease, normal MGT 1612 - Boardorganization, medical ethics, andand abnormal hemostasis, and Preparationemployment opportunities.diagnostic procedures for Basic laboratory specimenevaluation of bleeding Credit(s): 2collection techniques areabnormalities and anticoagulant introduced. (2,0,4)therapy. Prerequisites: MLT A basic course to provide1314, MLT 1413; (4,2,4) students with skills review forMLT 1212 - Urinalysis board certification. (2,2,0) Body FluidsMLT 1413 - *If student is already a LicensedImmunology/Serology Massage Therapist, anotherCredit(s): 2 academic course may be taken.Credit(s): 3 This course is an introduction to MGT 2223 - Massageurinalysis and laboratoryThis course covers the science Therapy IIIanalysis of miscellaneous bodyof immunology and serology fluids. It includes the basicthrough the study of theories and Credit(s): 3principles of routine and specialprocesses related to natural body urine tests and specimendefenses. Included are basic This course will provideexamination through laboratoryantigen-antibody reactions, students with additionalwork. Theory and test profilescomplement action, cellular 380'