b"Credit(s): 3horizontal milling operations,Numerical Control Operations I. formulas, and proceduresIncludes instruction in writing Precision layout for machiningrequired to manufacture variousand editing CNC programs, operations that includestypes of gears and theirmachine setup and operation, instruction and practice in theapplications. Prerequisite: MSTand use of CAM software to use of layout instruments.1263 (2,1,2)program and operate CNC (3,2,2)machines (CNC lathes, CNC MST 2551 - Advancedmills, and CNC machine MST 2513 - AdvancedMachining Technologiescenters). Prerequisite: MST Lathe Operations2714 (5,2,6) Credit(s): 1 Credit(s): 3MST 2812 - Metallurgy This course provides instruction This course provides instructionon safety, operations, andCredit(s): 2 on safety and advancedapplications of new machining applications of the engine lathe.technologies that apply toConcepts of metallurgy Prerequisite: MST 1243 (3,2,2)precision manufacturing inincluding instruction and global markets. Laserpractice in safety, metal MST 2523 - Advancedtechnology, EDM wire, Dieidentification, heat treatment, Milling Operationssink, plasma and water jetsand hardness testing. (2,1,2) commonly used in machining and forming shapes in utilizingMaritime Training Credit(s): 3 exotic space age materials.Academy (MTA)Prerequisite: MST 2725 (1,0,2) This course provides instruction on safety and advancedMTA 1001 - Supervised applications of the verticalMST 2714 - ComputerWork Experience milling machine. Prerequisite:Numerical Control MST 1263 (3,2,2)Operations ICredit(s): 1MST 2532 - PrecisionCredit(s): 4This supervised work experience Grinding Operationswill be performed in an on-the-An introduction of computerjob training setting related to the Credit(s): 2numerical control (CNC) andapprentice's major field of study. computer assistedThis course is designed for the This course provides instructionmanufacturing (CAM)on the job application of various on safety and grindingtechniques and practices.industrial and educational skills operations and applications toIncludes the use of the Cartesianwith the integration of the include tool post grinding,coordinate system, programmingapprentice's technical studies cylindrical grinding, and center- codes and commands, andand industrial experience. less grinding. Prerequisite: MSTtooling requirements for CNC(1,0,2) 1251 (2,1,2)machines. (4,3,2) MTA 1003 - Supervised MST 2542 - Gear TypesMST 2725 - ComputerWork Experience and ManufacturingNumerical Control Operations IICredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 2 Credit(s): 5This supervised work experience This course provides instructionwill be performed in an on-the-on safety and vertical andA continuation of Computerjob training setting related to the apprentice's major field of study. 385"