b'Credit(s): 2candidates the skills andtactics, organization and knowledge needed to preventmanagement practices. (3,3,0) This course is designed to giveand respond to aquatic students a current concept ofemergencies. SwimmingHPR 2443 - Soccer physical education andprerequisite required.Theory recreation by developing bodyPrerequisite: Completed skills while engaging in variousAmerican Red Cross swimmer Credit(s): 3 anaerobic and aerobic activities.level course or have equivalent(2,0,4)skills. (2,0,2) This course covers and explores the theories, practices, tactics HPR 2131 - VarsityHPR 2232 - Water Safetyand strategies involved in Sports IIIInstructorcoaching soccer. Emphasis will be placed upon the objectives, Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 2rules, regulations, and policies of competitive athletics, as well Participation in ____ varsityThis is the American Red Crossas on individual skills, team sport (name sport). (1,0,2)Water Safety Instructor coursetactics, organization and with emphasis towardsmanagement practices. (3,3,0) HPR 2141 - Varsitycertifying water safety Sports IVinstructors. Techniques ofHPR 2453 - Baseball aquatic instruction, includingTheory community water safety and Credit(s): 1 progression swimming are Credit(s): 3 covered. Swimming prerequisite Participation in ____ varsity required. (2,0,2) sport (name sport). (1,0,2)This course covers and explores the theories, practices, tactics HPR 2213 - First Aid andHPR 2323 - Recreationand strategies involved in CPRLeadershipcoaching baseball. Emphasis will be placed upon the Credit(s): 3objectives, rules, regulations, Credit(s): 3 and policies of competitiveThis course covers the planningathletics, as well as on This course covers the and leadership techniques forindividual skills, team tactics, instruction and practice in conducting organized park andorganization and management methods prescribed in the recreation programs for all ages.practices. (3,3,0) American Red Cross or (3,3,0) American Heart Association standard and advanced courses.HPR 2511 - Team Sports (3,0,6)HPR 2423 - FootballIII Theory HPR 2222 - LifeguardingCredit(s): 1 and Water SafetyCredit(s): 3 This course covers the rules, This course covers and explorestechniques, participation and Credit(s): 2 the theories, practices, tacticsequipment in (activities)and strategies involved in_______________________. This is the American Red Cross coaching football. Emphasis will(name sport). (1,0,2) Lifeguard Training with be placed upon the objectives, emphasis toward certifying rules, regulations, and policiesHPR 2521 - Team Sports lifeguards. This course is designed to teach lifeguardof competitive athletics, as wellIV as on individual skills, team 354'