b"related to the operation,assist units, and antilock brakingknowledge and expand the maintenance, and repair of airsystems. (3,2,2)dietary and nutritional principles conditioning and heatingand experience necessary to systems used in commercialDET 2523 - Heavyapply the theory and content equipment, includes instructionEquipment Power Trainslearned throughout the in theories and operatingcoursework. It is expected that principles, A/C system diagnosisthe field experience will afford Credit(s): 3 and repair, clutch andstudents the opportunity tocompressor repair, evaporatorinteract and collaborate with A basic course to provide and condenser repair, andnutritional professionals and students with maintenance and heating system repair. (3,1,4)organizations with similar repair of fluid power and missions. Integral to closing the hydrostat transmissions used on DET 2273 -loop on the learning process is heavy equipment to include Electrical/Electronicoperation and diagnosis andthe opportunity for students to reflect on the field experience. Systems IIIrepair of system components. Students will collaborate on the (3,1,4) different infrastructures and Credit(s): 3approaches they observed at DET 2623 - Advancedeach field location. Consent of This course is designed toBrake Systems (Air)the Dietary/Nutritional provide advanced skills andNavigator program director knowledge associated with theCredit(s): 3required. Eight hours clinic per diagnosis, service, and repair ofweek. Pre/corequisites: electrical and electronic systemsA basic course to provideAdmission into a on diesel engines, includesstudents with instruction andPHT/Navigator Concentration. instruction in electronic fuelpractice in the maintenance andPHT courses must be taken in management systems. (3,1,4)repair of air brake systemscurriculum display.(3,0,8)commonly used onDET 2383 - Dieselcommercialdiesel powered Systems III - Compare totransportation and heavyDNP 2223 - Preventiveequipment, includes instructionDietary/Nutritional in maintenance and repair of thePracticum II Credit(s): 3air supply system, mechanical system, antilock braking system, and traction control system.Credit(s): 3 A basic course to provide students with an opportunity to(3,2,2) This course is designed for diagnosis, service, and repair ofDietary/Nutritional majors as a general engine operations andDietary Nutritional pre-professional field experience fuel system operations. (3,2,2)Practicum (DNP)to broaden the student's public knowledge and expand the DET 2513 -DNP 2113 -dietary and nutritional principles Hydraulic/Hydrostats IIDietary/Nutritionaland experience necessary to Practicum Iapply the theory and content Credit(s): 3learned throughout the coursework. It is expected that Credit(s): 3 This is a course designed tofield experience II will continueprovide diagnosis and repair ofto afford students the This course is designed for hydraulic brake systems,opportunity to interact and Dietary/Nutritional majors as a includes instruction in hydrauliccollaborate with nutritional pre-professional field experience and mechanical systems, powerprofessionals and organizations to broaden the student's public with similar missions. Integral to 339"