b'with an introduction to creatingIST 2594 - Advanced C#attack methods and incident dynamic Web applications usingProgramming Languagereporting and handling. (4,2,4) server-side technologies. (4,2,4) Credit(s): 4IST 2724 - Advanced IST 2454 - AdvancedJava Programming Mobile ApplicationThis course is a continuation ofLanguage Developmentthe C# Programming Language course. Prerequisite:ISTCredit(s): 4 Credit(s): 42584 (4,2,4) This course is a second of a two-The emergence of a newIST 2634 - Penetrationpart series that offers students an generation of highly-capableTesting andextensive introduction into devices and platforms hasImplementationJAVA Programming.Students opened up opportunities forwill be taught advanced application developers. MobileCredit(s): 4concepts of arrays, inheritance, development differs fromapplets, and swing conventional desktopThis course provides an in-depthcomponents.(4,2,4) development in that mobileexploration of various methods devices operate in a constrainedfor gaining unauthorized accessIST 2734 - Data world with smaller screens andand explores network securityVisualization and slower network connections, asconcepts from the point of viewMarketing well as limited memory andof hackers and their processing power.methodologies. Topics include Prerequisite: IST 1453 (4,2,4)Credit(s): 4 hackers, crackers, ethical hackers, attacks, intrusionThis course teaches students the IST 2464 - PowerShelldetection systems, malicious fundamentals of data Programmingcode, computer crime, andvisualization and how to industrial espionage.communicate effectively with Credit(s): 4Prerequisite: ISTdata. Students will learn to 1624Corequisite:ISTpresent, explore, and understand This course is designed to1254and any programmingdata using various visualization introduce the student to thecourse. (4,2,4)tools. (4,2,4) PowerShell command line language and its use inIST 2644 - CybersecurityIST 2744 - SAS monitoring and maintaining aOperations - CyberOpsProgramming II Microsoft network. The student will become familiarCredit(s): 4 with the syntax of theCredit(s): 4commands. (4,3,2)This course covers the skills to This course is a continuation of qualify for exciting and growingSAS Programming I. It is IST 2584 - C#opportunities in security designed to provide a firm Programmingoperation centers as an analystfoundation in data manipulation or incident responder. Thetechniques using SAS DATA. Credit(s): 4course focuses on how toStudents will gain an monitor, detect and respond tounderstanding of the procedure This course is designed tocybersecurity threats. Topicssteps to access, transform, and introduce the student to the C#include cryptography, host- summarize SAS data sets. programming language and itsbased security analysis, securityStudents will learn how to basic functions. (4,2,4)monitoring, computer forensics,control SAS data set input and 367'