b'Credit(s): 3covered include the accountingrefrigeration and air-cycle and the accountingconditioning.Emphasis is This course is a continuation ofsystems for service andplaced on trade math, Non-Structural Analysis andmerchandising businesses.thermodynamics and heat Damage Repair II.This coursePrevious knowledge oftransfer. (4,2,4) provides instruction for outeraccounting is not required for body panel repair, replacement,ACC 2213 (3,3,0)ACT 1133 - Brazing & and adjustment principles andPiping practices. (3,2,2)ACC 2223 - Principles of Accounting IICredit(s): 3 ABT 2336 - Refinishing IIICredit(s): 3This course includes various tools and pipe connecting Credit(s): 6A continuation of ACC 2213.techniques.This course The topics to be covered includeincludes specialized tools and A continuation of Refinishing IIcorporate accounting concepts,test equipment required in with emphasis on advancedmanagerial accounting conceptsheating, ventilation, air-painting techniques includingand internal business decisionconditioning, and refrigeration. paint mixing, matching, andmaking. Prerequisite: ACC(3,2,2) applying and detailing. (6,2,8)2213. (3,3,0) ACT 1214 - Controls ABT 2913 - SpecialHeating, Air Problem in CollisionConditioning, andCredit(s): 4 Repair TechnologyRefrigeration Technology (ACT)Fundamentals of gas, fluid, Credit(s): 3electrical, and programmable controls. (4,2,4) ACT 1003 - Introduction A course to provide studentsto Heating & Air with an opportunity to utilizeACT 1313 - Refrigeration skills and knowledge gained inConditioning TechnologySystem Components other Collision Repair Technology courses.TheCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 instructor and student work closely together to select a topicThis course is designed toThis course includes an in-depth and establish criteria forintroduce students to thestudy of the components and completion of thefundamental skills associatedaccessories of a sealed system project.(3,0,6)with all HVAC courses.Safety,including metering devices, basic tools, special tools, andevaporators, compressors, and Accounting (ACC)equipment, communicationcondensers. (3,2,2) skills, employability skills, and ACC 2213 - Principles ofmaterials handling topics areACT 1713 - Electricity included. (3,2,2) Accounting Ifor Heating, Ventilation, ACT 1124 - BasicAir Conditioning, and Credit(s): 3CompressionRefrigeration IStudy of the fundamentals andRefrigeration Credit(s): 3 application of financial accounting principles that relateCredit(s): 4This course includes basic to business. The topics to beknowledge of electricity, power An introduction to the field of 308'