b'Credit(s): 3examine the context of serviceCredit(s): 6 delivery for occupational This course is designed totherapy. Various models ofThis application course provide the student with anhealth care, education,synthesizes previous didactic opportunity to observe andcommunity, and social systemsinstruction and experiences participate in clinical fieldwork.will be examined. Prerequisite:obtained in Fieldwork IIA. In The student will also begin toInstructor Approved. (2,2,0) Fieldwork IIB, the student may develop professional work also encounter a variety of habits. Students are expected topopulations in a traditional or function as participant observersOTA 2935 - Fieldworknon-traditional setting. The in the assigned clinical setting.I:Bstudent will be placed in a Prerequisite: Instructorsetting different from Fieldwork Approved. (3,1,0,6) IIA. Student will assume Credit(s): 5increasing responsibilities undersupervision as appropriate for This application course is OTA 2443 - Occupationalthe setting. Prerequisite: designed to provide the student Therapy Skills IIIwith an opportunity to apply hisInstructor Approved. (6,0,0,18)or her knowledge in clinical Credit(s): 3fieldwork. The student will also begin to develop professionalOTA 2961 - Occupational This manipulative coursework habits. Students areTherapy Transitions I provides intermediate practiceexpected to function as skills used with patients/clientsparticipant observers in theCredit(s): 1 across the lifespan and withclinical setting. Prerequisite: various diagnoses. Prerequisite:Instructor Approved. (5,1,0,12) This course provides Instructor Approved. (3,2,2)information and guidance to thestudent for his or her transitional OTA 2946 - Fieldworkprocess of becoming an OTA 2714 - Concepts inII:AOccupational Therapy Occupational TherapyPractitioner. This course will encompass a variety of Credit(s): 6 professional skills and concepts. Credit(s): 4 In addition, vital life skills will This application course be discussed. Prerequisite: This manipulative course studiessynthesizes previous didactic Instructor Approved. (1,1,0)occupational therapy treatmentinstruction and clinical techniques for a variety ofexperiences obtained in diagnoses while incorporatingFieldwork I. In Level IIA, the theoretical concepts.student may encounter a varietyOTA 2971 - Occupational Prerequisite: Instructorof populations in a traditional orTherapy Transitions II Approved. (4,3,2) non-traditional based setting.The student will assumeCredit(s): 1 increasing responsibilities undersupervision as appropriate forThis course provides final the setting. Prerequisite:preparation to the student for the OTA 2812 - HealthcareInstructor Approved. (6,0,0,18)transitional process of becoming Systemsan Occupational Therapy OTA 2956 - FieldworkPractitioner. Prerequisite: Credit(s): 2II:BInstructor Approved. (1,1,0)This intake course is designed to 404'