b"EET 1334 - Solid Stateflow charts, and PCBCredit(s): 4 Devices and Circuitsprototyping. (3,1,4) This course covers use of Credit(s): 4EET 2334 - Linearprogrammable logic controllers Integrated Circuits(PLCs) in modern industrial Active devices that include PNsettings as well as the operating junction diodes, bipolarCredit(s): 4principles of PLCs and practice transistors, bipolar transistorin the programming, installation, circuits, and unipolar devicesAdvanced semiconductorand maintenance of PLCs. with emphasis on low-frequencydevices and linear integrated(4,2,4) application and troubleshooting.circuits. Emphasis is placed on Pre/corequisites: EET 1123,linear integrated circuits usedEET 2414 - Electronic EET 1114. (4,2,4)with operational amplifiers,Communications active filters, voltage regulators, EET 1343 - Motortimers, and phase-locked loops.Credit(s): 4 Control SystemsPrerequisite: EET 1334. (4,3,2) This course is designed to Credit(s): 3EET 2354 - Solid Stateprovide the student with Motor Controlconcepts and skills related to This course covers installationanalog and digital of different motor controlCredit(s): 4communications. Topics circuits and devices.Emphasiscovered include amplitude and is placed on developing theThe course covers the principlesfrequency modulation, student's ability to diagram,and operation of solid statetransmission, and reception; data wire, and troubleshoot themotor control as well as thetransmission formats and codes; different circuits and mechanicaldesign, installation, andand modulation demodulation of control devices. (3,2,2)maintenance of different soliddigital communications. Prerequisite: EET 1334. (4,2,4) state devices for motor control. EET 1613 - Computer(4,2,4) EET 2423 - Fundamentals forFundamentals of Fiber Electronics/ElectricityEET 2363 - Programmable LogicOptics Credit(s): 3Controllers Credit(s): 3 Basic computer science as usedCredit(s): 3 in electricity/electronics areas.Fiber-optic cable in modern Computer nomenclature, logic,This course covers the use ofindustry applications. numbering systems, coding, andprogrammable logic controllersCorequisite: EET 2334. (3,2,2) operating system commands are(PLCs) in modern industrial covered. (3,2,2)settings as well as the operatingEET 2514 - Interfacing principles of PLCs and practiceTechniques EET 1713 - Drafting forin the programming, installation, Electronics Technologyand maintenance of PLCs.Credit(s): 4 (3,1,4) Credit(s): 3Data acquisition devices and EET 2364 -systems including their interface Preparation and interpretation ofProgrammable Logicto microprocessors and other schematics, block diagrams,Controllerscontrol systems. (4,2,4) 341"