b'Programming Language is toIST 1754 - Rservices for Linux users who include sort, loops, arrays, andProgramming Languagewish to increase their skills. applets. (4,2,4)Students will learn how to apply Credit(s): 4security to network users and IST 1723 - Programmingresources, manage and compile in PythonIn this course, students willthe Linux kernel, manage learn how to program in R andnetwork clients, and Credit(s): 3how to use R for effective datatroubleshoot network processes analysis, graphicsand services. Prerequisites: IST This course is designed torepresentation, and reporting.1253 (3,1,4) provide an introduction to(4,2,4) programming concepts and dataIST 2324 - Script informatics using PythonIST 1763 - ProgrammingProgramming through lecture and a series ofin Python II practical hands-on exercises.Credit(s): 4 (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3 This course is an introduction to IST 1733 - Data AnalysisThis course is designed tothe use of integrating scripts to Using Excelprovide advanced information toadd functionality to Web pages. programming concepts and dataPrerequisite:IST 1433 or Credit(s): 3informatics using Pythoninstructor permission. (4,2,4) through lecture and a series of This course teaches thepractical hands-on exercises.IST 2334 - Advanced presentation and application of(3,2,3)Visual BASIC business functions in Excel.Programming Language Emphasis will be placed on dataIST 2224 - CCNA 3: analysis. (3,2,2)Scaling NetworksCredit(s): 4IST 1744 - SASCredit(s): 4This course is a continuation of Programming Ithe Visual BASIC Programming This course involves applyingLanguage course. Prerequisites: Credit(s): 4network concepts in planningIST 1314. (4,2,4) and designing a functioning This course is the first of a two-network. Emphasis is placed onIST 2374 - C part series designed to giverecognizing the need for aProgramming Language students an introduction tonetwork, conducting an analysis, programming in SAS. Studentsand designing a solution.Credit(s): 4 will learn to navigate the SASPrerequisite: IST 1224 (4,2,4) programming and windowsThis course is designed to environments, read variousIST 2263 - Advancedintroduce the student to the types of data into SAS data sets,Network AdministrationCprogramming language and and create SAS variables andUsing Linuxits basic functions.(4,2,4) subset data. Students will gain an understanding of how toIST 2434 - Server-Side create SAS variables and subsetCredit(s): 3 Programming I data, as well as combine SAS data. Students will also learnThis course is a continuation of how to create and enhanceNetwork Administration UsingCredit(s): 4 listing and summary reports.Linux. This is an advanced (4,3,2)administration course in networkThis course provides the student 366'