b'will continue to afford studentsGEO 1113 - Worldguest satisfaction, service the opportunity to interact andRegional Geographyquality, value, planning and collaborate with personal andanalysis, the service family services professionalsCredit(s): 3environment, training and and organizations with similarmotivation, establishment of a missions. Integral to closing theA regional survey of the basictotal service culture, guest co-loop on the learning process isgeographic features and majorproduction, communications, the opportunity for students tonew developments of the nationsservice failure recovery reflect on the field experience.of the world. (3,3,0)techniques, delivery systems and Students will collaborate on themeasurement of service results. different infrastructures and(3,3,0)approaches they observed atGaming Managementeach field location. Consent ofTechnology (GMT) the Personal/Family NavigatorGMT 1133 - Casino program director required. EightGMT 1113 - CasinoFinancial Accounting hours clinic per week.Business Strategy & Pre/corequisites: Admission intoOperationsCredit(s): 3 a PHT/Navigator Concentration.PHT courses must be taken in Credit(s): 3Foundation course in the curriculum display.(3,0,8)accounting processes applicable Fundamentals of the strategicto the hotel, resort, or casino business processes of a casinoenvironment. Students will be Geometric Dimensioningorganization from internal andintroduced to the generally (GDT)external perspectives. Thisaccepted accounting principles course will examine currentand legal requirements of GDT 1625 -gaming trends as well asfinancial reporting in the Fundamentals ofevaluate anti-gaming campaignshospitality and casino industries. Geometric Dimensioningand their possible cost. Topics(3,3,0) include casino economics, and Tolerancingenvironmental factors includingGMT 1143 - Casino & social, political, legal andResort Marketing Credit(s): 5competitive forces, consumer behaviors, and development of a This course is designed toCredit(s): 3 corporate culture, internal provide students with a solidcontrols, and future of the foundation in the fundamentalsAn in-depth overview of the gaming industry. (3,3,0)application of marketing of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Includes emphasisconcepts within the casino/resort GMT 1123 - Casinoindustry. Focus on marketing on measurement theory, common terms and definitions,Customer Serviceissues unique to the gaming profile tolerances, orientationindustry with special attention to tolerances, locational tolerances,Credit(s): 3application of market runout tolerances, and formsegmentation, product tolerances as they relate toFundamentals of the theory,differentiation and positioning, Machine Tool Technology.practice, and management ofand promotion. Topics include (5,3,4)guest service and how it impactscasino promotions, database the success of a casinomarketing techniques, Geography (GEO)organization with an emphasisdiscounting, casino hosting, on service strategies, staffingcredit procedures, marketing issues and service systems.policies and procedures, Topics include the dynamics of 349'