b'emphasis on original work.SUT 1614 - Basic andin regional anatomy, pathology, (3,3,0)Related Surgicalinstrumentation, techniques, and Procedures (Lecture)safe patient care in surgical Surgical Technologyspecialty areas of neurosurgery, (SUT)thoracic, peripheral vascular, Credit(s): 4cardiovascular surgery, employability skills, and all-SUT 1113 -This course includes instructionhazards preparation.This Fundamentals ofin regional anatomy, pathology,course prepares the student for Surgical Technologyinstrumentation, surgicalclinical experience in area techniques, and safe patient carehospital surgical suites and in general surgery, gynecology,related departments and a Credit(s): 3 obstetrics, and genitourinary.comprehensive finalThis course prepares studentsexamination.Prerequisites:SUThis is a basic introductory for clinicalT 1113, SUT 1217, SUT 1413, course including hospital and experience.Prerequisites:SUTSUT 1614, SUT 1624, SUT surgical suite organization and 1113, SUT1714Corequisites:SUT 1703, environment, history, legal 1217.Corequisites:SUT 1413,SUT 1724, SUT 1735 (4,4,0) responsibilities, terminology, SUT 1624, SUT 1714 (4,4,0) interpersonal relationships, and biomedical sciences.SUT 1703 - Certification Corequisite: SUT 1217 (3,3,0)SUT 1624 - Specializedand Role Trans Surgical Procedures SUT 1217 - Principles of(Lecture)Credit(s): 3 Surgical Technique Credit(s): 4An in-depth study of the role of Credit(s): 7the surgical technologist and This course includes instructionreview for the certification This course is a comprehensivein regional anatomy, pathology,examination. The course study of aseptic technique, safeinstrumentation, techniques, andexamines liability, ethical and patient care, anesthesia,safe patient care in surgicallegal issues of practice, adapting pharmacology, and surgicalspecialty areas of ear, nose andcritical thinking skills to a techniques. Corequisite: SUTthroat; eye; oral andvariety of practice settings, 1113 (7,3,8)maxillofacial surgery;effective team and professional orthopedics; and plastics.Thisbehaviors and continuing SUT 1413 - Surgicalcourse prepares students foreducation. Practice on computer clinical experience in areasimulations is required. Microbiologyhospital surgical suite andPrerequisite: All 1st and 2nd relatedsemester coursework. Credit(s): 3departments.Prerequisites:SU Corequisites:SUT 1634, SUT T 1113, SUT1724, SUT 1735 (3,3,0) This is an introduction to1217Corequisites:SUT 1413, pathogenic microorganismsSUT 1614, SUT 1714 (4,4,0)SUT 1714 - Clinical related to surgery and their effect on wound healing andPractice I SUT 1634 - Advanced infection. It includes principlesSurgical Procedures of sterilization and disinfection.Credit(s): 4 Prerequisites: SUT 1113, SUT(Lecture) 1217. Corequisites:SUT 1614,This course includes clinical SUT 1624, SUT 1714 (3,3,0)Credit(s): 4practice and didactic instruction in a clinical affiliate.Surgical This course includes instructionspecialty areas covered include 419'