b"principles of organizing,Credit(s): 2HRT 2233 - Hospitality managing food and beverageCost Control facilities, along with cateringStudents will build professional operations. (4,2,4)development skills necessary forCredit(s): 3 success in hospitality and HRT 1413 - Roomstourism management. (2,2,0)This course focuses on Division Managementprinciples and procedures HRT 1813 - Tourisminvolved in an effective food Credit(s): 3Specialistand beverage control system, including standards This course offers an operationalCredit(s): 3determination, the operating approach to rooms divisionbudget, cost-volume-profit management in the hospitalityThis course covers activitiesanalysis, income and cost industry including front officeassociated with organizing,control, menu pricing, labor cost management and housekeepingbooking, and conducting tours.control, and computer operations. (3, 2, 2)(3,3,0)applications. (3,2,2) HRT 1521 - HospitalityHRT 1823 - The TravelHRT 2323 - Hospitality SeminarAgencyFacilities Management and Design Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 Students will build professionalExploration of the travel agency development skills necessary forprofessional including how toDesign and manage the physical success in hospitality andbecome a travel professional, theplant of a hotel or restaurant and tourism management. (2,2,0)certifications, and licenseswork effectively with the required and additional trainingengineering and maintenance HRT 1531 - Hospitalityavailable. This course will alsodepartment. (3,2,2) Seminarcompare travel agencies such as an independent, home basedHRT 2423 - Hospitality Credit(s): 1agents, internet marketing, andSecurity Management career options. (3,2,2) and Law Students will build professional development skills necessary forHRT 1833 - Travel and success in hospitality andTourism GeographyCredit(s): 3tourism management. (1,1,0)This course explains issues Credit(s): 3surrounding the need for HRT 1541 - Hospitalityindividualized security SeminarLocation, currency, port ofprograms, examines a variety of entry, and form of governmentssecurity equipment and in various countries around theprocedures, and discusses Credit(s): 1 world are discussed. Exercisesinternal and external security forinvolve itinerary planning,food service and lodging Students will build professional knowledge of time zones, andoperations. This course provides development skills necessary for familiarity with the countries'awareness of the rights and success in hospitality and natural, cultural, andresponsibilities that the law tourism management. (1,1,0) entertainment attractions. (3,2,2)grants to or imposes upon a HRT 1552 - Hospitalityhotelier and consequences of Seminar 356"