b"response, humoral immuneCredit(s): 2case study. Prerequisites: response, and the basicCompletion of all didactic serological procedures used toBasic skills, principles, andMedical Laboratory Technology aid in the detection of certaintechniques for the staining,courses. (1,0,2) diseases. Throughout thisculturing, isolation, and course, special emphasis isidentification of parasites,MLT 2723 - Certification placed on correlating laboratoryviruses, and fungi of medicalFundamentals for results with the patient'simportance are emphasized in Medical Laboratory probable condition.this course.This course covers Prerequisites: MLT 1212,the morphology, physiology lifeTechnology 2612, BIO 2514, CHE 1214.cycles, and epidemiology of (3,2,2)parasites with emphasis onCredit(s): 3 human pathogenic MLT 1514 - Clinicalparasites.Identification of theThis course is an in-depth study Chemistryparasites, viruses, and fungiand review of material covered from human material is alsoin the MLT curriculum.It is included.(2,1,2)designed to prepare the student Credit(s): 4for the national certifying exams.(3,3,0) This course is the study ofMLT 2614 - Pathogenic human biochemistry as an aid inMicrobiology II MLT 2944 - Clinical the diagnosis of disease processes. It includes chemistryCredit(s): 4Practicum I procedures performed on body fluids or aiding in diagnosis ofBasic skills, principles, andCredit(s): 4 disease processes.techniques for the staining, Prerequisites:MLT 1413.culturing, isolation, andThis course includes clinical (4,3,2)identification of micro- practice and didactic instruction organisms of medicalin a clinical affiliate and/or MLT 2424 -importance are emphasized incomparable simulated Immunohematologythis course. Included areenvironment. Areas covered are techniques used in determininghematology, clinical chemistry, the sensitivity of pathogenicimmunohematology, urinalysis, Credit(s): 4bacteria to different antibioticmicrobiology, coagulation, and and other drugs. Prerequisites:serology. Prerequisites:MLT This course includes collection,MLT 1314, MLT 1413;BIO1324, MLT 2424, MLT 2614. processing, storage, and2924. (4,2,4)(4,0,12) utilization of blood components. It also includes the study of MLT 2711 - MLTMLT 2954 - Clinical immunological principles and procedures for blood typing,SeminarPracticum II cross matching, antibody detection, identification, andCredit(s): 1Credit(s): 4 investigation of hemolytic disease of the fetus andThis course represents aThis course includes clinical newborn. Prerequisites: MLTsynthesis of previous didactic,practice and didactic instruction 1314, MLT 1413(4,2,4)laboratory, and clinicalin a clinical affiliate and/or experiences. It is designed tocomparable simulated MLT 2522 - Pathogenicfacilitate activities incorporatedenvironment. Areas covered are Microbiology Iin student and professionalhematology, clinical chemistry, organizations and to allowimmunohematology, urinalysis, students to select and present amicrobiology, coagulation, and 381"